2017 China B2B new car e-commerce industry research report 【Free Download】

The report summary

“2017 China B2B model car electricity industry research report, according to iresearch in new electricity industry and the accumulation of basic user, the personage inside course of study in-depth interviews, analyzed the Chinese B2B model 2017 new cars in the development of e-commerce industry environment, industry status quo, development and stage, the industrial chain, business model analysis, user/distributor platform using behavioral preferences and current situation of the development of foreign automotive electrical supplier and enterprise layout analysis, etc., and has carried on the multiple perspectives analysis to industry key enterprises, hope this report to understand China B2B model car electricity industry friends to provide the reference.


1. Development background of new car e-commerce in China

1.1 Chinese automobile industry background

1.2 Chinese e-commerce user environment

1.3 China’s automobile industry policy

1.4 China automobile e-commerce industry technology development

1.5 change of traditional automobile sales channels in China

1.6 China automobile consumer e-commerce trend

1.7 new car dealers under new retail

1.8 the investment and financing of auto dealers

2. Development stage and status of B2b new car in China

2.1 the development process of Chinese new car e-commerce

2.2 the development stage of Chinese new car e-commerce

2.3 the development status of international new car e-commerce industry

2.4 B2B model new car e-commerce development course

2.5 new car e-commerce industry chain

2.6 classification of new-car e-commerce industry

2.7 B2B model new car e-commerce development status

2.8 B2B model new car dealer development status quo

2.9 B2B model new car e-commerce industry value

3. Case analysis of Chinese new car e-commerce industry

3.1 they sell the car

3.2 circular cars

3.3 the car 168

4. The future trend of China’s new car e-commerce industry

4.1 trend 1: improving finance and logistics services is the only way to build a comprehensive service platform

4.2 trend 2: follow the channel sink, build a new car sales channel of the second and third line and the fourth and fifth line

4.3 trend three: the dealer function is gradually differentiated, and the B2B mode new car dealer touches the circulation of used cars

4.4 trend 4: empower dealers to promote the Internet of automobile industry

4.5 trend 5: big data mining of car dealers, promoting industry upgrading

4.6 trend 6: the dealer service platform will become a travel comprehensive service provider in the future

The chart directory

Chart 1-1. 2009-2017 Chinese auto sales

Graph 1-2 2014-2017 China auto dealers inventory warning index

Figure 1-3 analysis of the proportion of Chinese and American cars in 2017

Figure 1-4. Overview of China’s auto industry in 2017

Figures 1-5 2012-2019 Chinese Internet users and mobile Internet users scale

Graph 1-6 2012-2019 China e-commerce market transaction scale

Figure 1-7 major policies and regulations of China’s automobile industry from 2009 to 2017

Figure 1-8, 2009-2017 the major technology development of China’s automobile industry

Chart 1-9 the current status of China’s new car sales industry

Chart 1-10 e-commerce of Chinese auto sales industry

Chart 1-11 consumer car purchase process e-commerce

Chart 1-12 new retail composition of cars

Figure 1-2015-2017 new vehicle e-commerce investment rotation analysis

Figure 1-2015-2017 new models of new models of new vehicles are analyzed

Chart 2-1 the development history of new car dealers

Figure 2-2 different development stages of new car manufacturers

Chart 2-3 main development distribution of international new car manufacturers

Diagram 2-4 COX group automotive business layout

Figure 2-5 Dealertrack main service content

Chart 2-6 B2B mode new car business development stage

Graph 2-7 new car e-commerce industry chain map

Figure 2-8 the main categories of new car dealers

Chart 2-9 B2B mode new car e-commerce profit mode

Chart 2-10 B2B model new car electrical goods brand competitiveness scatter diagram

Chart 2-11 Chinese dealers operating service demand

Figure 2-12 the functional application of distributor e-commerce platform in 2017

Figure 2-13 the usage habits of distributor e-commerce platform in 2017

Figure 2-14. The functional evaluation of distributor e-commerce platform in 2017

Chart 2-15 the use frequency of distributor e-commerce platform in 2017

Figure 2-16 the functional requirements of B2B e-commerce platform in 2017

Figure 2-17 qualitative interview of car dealers in 2017

Chart 2-18 B2B model new car industry value

Chart 3-1 the development of a good car

Diagram 3-2 basic business layout of a good car

Figure 3-3 supply chain service content

Chart 3-4 dealer transaction guarantee system

Figure 3-5 good car body link service content

Chart 3-6 good car financial credit system construction

Figure 3-7 good car finance main products

Figure 3-8 the SWOT model analysis of a good car

Figure 3-9 basic business layout of the round car

Figure 3-10 the main service of the train

Chart 4-1 B2B model new car business expansion

Chart 4-2 B2B model new car e-commerce sales channel construction

Chart 4-3 dealer differentiation

Diagram 4-4 B2B model new car e-commerce development

Figure 4-5 B2B model new car e-commerce development path

Chart 4-6 B2B model new car e-commerce data value

Figure 4-7 expansion and improvement of the function of distributor service platform

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