2017 Q2 China network economic quarterly data release research report 【Free Download】

The report summary

Q2 2017 the development of China’s network economy market continues to maintain high growth, revenue scale hit a record high, reached 470.95 billion yuan, including mobile network scale of economic revenue for 341.56 billion yuan, and revenue contribution rate exceeds seventy percent. In this report, iresearch detailed the trend of China’s online economic development and combed the development of various segments of the network economy in order to provide reference for Internet practitioners. See the report for more details.


Reported in this paper,

China network economy revenue scale analysis

China PC& mobile network economic revenue scale analysis

China network economy revenue structure combing

China PC& mobile network economic revenue structure combing

The chart directory

Fig.1 2015q3-2017q2 China’s network economy market revenue volume and growth rate

Figure 2. Revenue scale and growth rate of China PC and mobile network economy market

Figure 3. Revenue structure of China’s network economy market

Figure 4. Comparison of PC and mobile terminal development in different segments of China’s network economy

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