Monthly Archives: July 2017

Baidu snapshot time upgrade announcement

In order to meet the timely needs of baidu users, making it easier for users to quickly find the petitions, baidu web search results are now online publishing time, instead of a snapshot of the time before. To better inform the users of the content of web pages, reduce the cost of user selection, improve […]

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Baidu has completely eliminated the referer keyword display

Baidu has implemented the whole station HTTPS, and in BAT the first complete station encryption, to promote the network environment security. In order to further protect user privacy, prevent the third party eavesdropping and tampering, baidu has been cancelled formally on June 25 in the referer about keywords, according to better protect the site traffic […]

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What are the requirements for website Baidu SEO

Nowadays, with the increasing number of web sites for the construction of the website optimization goal is also rising, some of the original site may notice some content is, so now the requirements of different, not only pay attention to the content of the site, its home page, colour collocation, as well as the design […]

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Suning revenue was 83.5 billion in the first half of the year

On the evening of July 30, the suning cloud company disclosed the performance report. In the first half of the year, revenue reached 835.88 billion yuan, an increase of 22% year-on-year. Net profit of 292 million yuan, compared with a loss of 121 million yuan in the same period last year. In the first half […]

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Sogou plans to IPO in the usa

Sogou plans to IPO in the us Sohu company announced today that its controlling the Internet search services, a subsidiary of sogou company plans for a potential initial public offering (IPO), with the securities and exchange commission (SEC) to submit a draft registration. The number and amount of American depositary shares (ADS) issued by sogou […]

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FAQ on Baidu HTTPS (series 2)

Regarding the problem of the website HTTPS transformation, the President has collected a number of common questions from the stationmaster and Shared it with them: Q: what are the benefits of doing HTTPS? A: HTTPS is an accepted means of preventing hijack Q: what are the disadvantages of using HTTPS? A: the site needs to […]

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Starbucks has achieved 100% direct sales in mainland China, costing $1.3 billion

After a series of sales of jianlibao and today’s melang beverage assets, the company is again “selling and selling”. Unified with starbucks announced today that aspect will be sold for about $1.3 billion in cash and starbucks joint venture in China, east China market 50% of the unified starbucks coffee co., LTD. (Shanghai) co. At […]

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Zhang jindong: suning’s offline share ranks first in China, and the top three online

The first china-us entrepreneur summit was held in Washington, dc. The summit was held by the us department of commerce to “promote the stable development of china-us economic and trade relations”. The 20 representative business leaders of China and the United States participated in the all-day closed-door dialogue. Su ning, chairman zhang said at the […]

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The level of detail that allows you to buy big events such as snap up is soaring

With the development of The Times, the Internet has become an increasingly indispensable part of people’s life, especially the platform of taobao, which has changed people’s life dramatically. But at the same time the Internet is also an open and transparent environment, which has advantages and disadvantages. Is equivalent to those activities on taobao (activity […]

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It has been reported that is about to buy auto after the market O2O startup, the purchase intention has been finalized, it has entered the substantive stage. In response, the reporter asked the investment department in Beijing to prove it, and the chief investment officer of jd denied it, calling it “rumor”. According to […]

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