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Alibaba and amazon are only 1.3 per cent shy of their market capitalisation of nearly $100 billion

Alibaba’s hand touches amazon’s back. By the end of September 22nd, amazon had a market cap of $456.5 billion and alibaba’s $4507 billion, and its market value was just 1.3%. Almost two months ago, the gap in market value reached $100 billion. After that, ali pursued his pace faster and faster. It has to be […]

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Alibaba has increased its buying of newbies

Alibaba group, announced today, in order to further promote the new retail strategy, rookie network will increase its stake, and on the basis of has invested tens of billions of dollars, over the next five years to continue to invest 100 billion yuan, to speed up the construction of the world’s leading logistics network, realize […]

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Interpretation of the three-year action plan for industrial e-commerce development

Industry e-commerce is electronic commerce in circulation, production, service the whole process of deepening application, is an important engine of digitalization and networking, intelligent manufacturing, is one of the important fulcrum, transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry is an important way of promoting the manufacturing industry of old and new kinetic energy conversion. Formally a […]

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Kilimall, an e-commerce platform, completed A $10 million a-round financing

  Kilimall, an e-commerce platform, announced that it had completed A $10 million A round of financing, and the investors were giving it the capital. Previously, Kilimall had received millions of yuan angel rounds from angrant capital in January 2016. Kilimall was established in July 2014, is a leading African markets of cross-border electricity, will […]

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The state council: the transitional policy for retail import supervision of cross-border e-commerce has been extended for a year

Premier li keqiang chaired a state council executive meeting on September 20 to further promote the expansion of employment and better meet the needs of the people in the workforce to have a source of income. We will further promote the construction of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones and accelerate the improvement of trade facilitation […]

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Jack ma’s New York City 24 hours: see the 5 heads of state

During the UN general assembly, ma took time to run for the world’s small and medium-sized enterprises and young people. Local time on September 19-20, ma within 24 hours non-stop even see five countries politicians, who have efforts on ma and alibaba thumb up, hope that through alibaba to catch the “China opportunity”, more cooperation. […]

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The company’s shares rose 5.2 per cent on its first day of trading on the nyse

The company officially landed on the New York stock exchange on Wednesday, Posting its first day of trading at $10.52, up 5.20%. The move comes after the group cut its IPO price range for initial public offerings to boost investor interest. The group’s opening price at the New York stock exchange on Wednesday was $11.48, […]

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International brand health products are popular on Suning

As the double festival approaches, it is time for people to visit relatives and friends, especially the Mid-Autumn festival. Traditionally, they visit their parents and visit their elders Key festivals. Choosing what kind of gifts to be a problem before people, all kinds of mooncakes must Not less, but in addition, choosing the right health […]

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Double 11 express is expected to exceed 1 billion

The national express association, the cainbird network and the major express companies in Shanghai hold the double 11 logistics mobilization meeting, planning the Tmall double 11 logistics preparation. According to the national post office, the total number of express delivery in the whole industry will reach a new magnitude in this year’s double 11 period […]

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Face double jingdong logistics proclaimed, 11, will provide 666 million yuan worth of subsidies for businesses, jingdong platform for business and social business before the double 11 stock to provide warehousing, distribution of discounts, full reduction, etc. Jingdong logistics, said the event will be divided into different time, different time, involved in household appliances, maternal […]

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