Monthly Archives: December 2017

Baidu Move the sitemap protocol mobile type upgrade announcement

In order to better conform to the trend of The Times, improve the handling of the mobile site, baidu and the communication between the webmaster smooth, baidu technical department for the PC mobile way has carried on the conceptual specification, respectively the mainstream way of three mobile PC station is summarized as: jump adapter, code, […]

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Donga glue Tmall super brand day 32 minutes sold out of custom gift boxes

Mr Ma's stake in alibaba fell to 7 per cent

On December 22, the 10th donga rubber winter festival, the synchronized landing of the online “donga Tmall super brand day”. Inheritance in 3000 old brand company, combined with day cat medicine platform, network of red’s live online, custom gift box starting, ejiao offline tasting way, such as comprehensive present “winter solstice supplements eat donkey-hide gelatin” […]

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Increase conversion rate by 20%

There is no doubt about the effect on our conversion rate. Many merchants have already set out to ask everyone, from the position of asking people’s position can see taobao to ask people how much attention, there are many buyers are like to click to view here. And here, once our product has a defect […]

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A white paper on online learning for Chinese college students in 2017 【Free Download】

The report summary “White paper in 2017 Chinese college students’ online learning, report on China’s online learning college students groups portrait’s portrait, trying to parse college students learning methods and learning needs in the process of online learning, learning, pain points, etc., and education for the future development trend is discussed. directory Summary of report […]

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Liu qiangdong: the Beijing logistics car is 100% replaced by electric car before the Spring Festival

On December 7th, jd logistics officially launched the “green box”, the first batch of 100,000 in the country. According to the strict test, “green box” 5 seconds molding packaging, single use cost compared to the cartons to save more than 30%, under normal circumstances can be recycled more than 20 times, after damage can also […]

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Suning tesco will send out the list of cities in 2017

Towards the end of the year, the end of the year. Published by Su Ningyi bought a set of 2017 interesting chop hand data, inventory of the year is the most expensive, most furthest pretend bility, distribution, package goods, such as largest netizen succession exclamation was poor limited the imagination. Then, su ning released a […]

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