Monthly Archives: January 2018

Will tencent’s market value surpass that of the American giant?

The top five market capitalisation of global listed companies is still dominated by us IT giants, but tencent and alibaba are already ranked 7th and 8th respectively… China’s two biggest Internet companies are unstoppable. Tencent holdings and alibaba group’s share price are even more innovative, with the two companies now worth more than 100 trillion […]

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Xiaomi will make a net profit of $1 billion or more next year

Chinese smartphone maker xiaomi has told investment Banks that the company’s revenue will be 18 per cent higher than expected this year, sources said on Friday. It marks a recovery after a slump in sales in recent years and a radical overhaul of the business. It is understood that xiaomi has invited a bid to […]

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In 2017, the top 100 B2B industries in China: 27 new and 27 companies have fallen out of the top 100

It is reported, by the China electronic commerce association branch of B2B industry to provide strategic guidance, ningbo via letter committee, ningbo business committee, jointly organized by ningbo port DaSiBan, ningbo yinzhou district government, toby net undertakes the 4th China B2B e-commerce assembly and the 1st peak BBS Internet industry of ningbo awarded “2017 China […]

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