Alipay new rules: no login account for 12 months!

On the Internet, we all have all kinds of accounts, but if some of them are not logged in for a long time, how will they be handled? Some may stay asleep, while others may be sold off.

Alibaba today updated alipay and taobao platform service agreement on the rights and obligations of the user more detailed provisions, also made clear that alipay and taobao account login if time is not used, will be cancelled.

The alipay aspect is said:

“In order to prevent resource usage, such as you for 12 consecutive months without using your paypal login name or the other way recognized by pay treasure to login your member number or account, pay treasure will to cancellation of the membership number or account, you will not be able to login again through the pay treasure to login this web site or use the membership number or account number.”

What about the money after the cancellation? Alipay claims that if the account has an associated wealth management product, deals or balances to be processed, alipay will assist in the process, and it will need to be operated in the way that alipay prompts.

In addition, alipay will have the right to suspend or cancel the account if the alipay account does not have an active transaction within six months.

Pay treasure also made clear that, according to the “non-bank institutions network payment business management method” regulation, pay treasure may not act as financial institutions, and engaged in the credit, financing, financial management, guarantee, trust, financial business of other institutions, such as currency exchange to open a paypal account.

If an account belongs to the above scope, it must be used for cash withdrawal, or through transfer, etc., and then authorize alipay to cancel the account.

On taobao, if the account meets the following conditions, it will be recycled and can no longer log on to any of ali’s other platforms:

(1) the unbound alipay account with the real-name authentication;

(2) for six consecutive months not to be used in any alibaba platform;

(3) there is no valid business that has not expired.

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