Baidu Internet industry website operation convention

The Internet industry launched by baidu website convention, aims to build healthy and benign development of the Internet ecosystem and the specification of the Internet industry website operation standard, reasonable to practitioners perform site on the Internet, normalized operation guidelines, help site rapid and healthy development to lay a solid foundation in the future.

Chapter I general provisions

The purpose of the first convention is to establish a healthy and healthy Internet ecosystem and Internet industry website operation standards, and advocate and supervise Internet practitioners to operate websites reasonably and properly.

Article 2 sponsor unit: baidu.

Article 3 members of the convention: all Internet practitioners who accept the provisions of this convention and become members of baidu stationmaster platform shall be members of the operation convention of the Internet industry website.

Article 4 the execution unit: the subordinate companies of the station platform for baidu, baidu as the executive body of this convention, shall be responsible for implementing this convention, to guide and supervise the convention members of the site operation behavior.

Chapter ii commitment and rights of the members of the convention

Article 5 the members of the convention undertake to observe the following agreements:

(1) conscientiously abide by the laws, regulations and policies of the state concerning Internet development and management.

(2) conscientiously abide by the provisions of the state regarding Internet information service management and conscientiously fulfill the self-discipline obligations of Internet information service:

1. Do not produce, publish or disseminate harmful national security, endanger social stability, violate laws and regulations and be superstitious and obscene

To supervise the users’ information posted on this website according to law and to remove harmful information in a timely manner;

2. Do not link websites with harmful information to ensure the legal and healthy content of network information;

3. Make, publish or disseminate network information, comply with laws and regulations on the protection of intellectual property rights;

4. Guide the user civilization to use the network, enhance the network moral consciousness, consciously resist the spread of harmful information.

(iii) accept the supervision and management of baidu station master platform, regulate the website and refuse any means of cheating. Once it appears

The cheating behavior should be corrected immediately. If it is not corrected within the limited time after the warning is issued by baidu stationmaster platform,

Will be punished.

(4) consciously accept the supervision and criticism from all walks of life on the website, and jointly resist and correct the unhealthy tendencies of the industry.

Article 6 members of the convention enjoy the following rights and interests:

(a) to obtain professional guidance on the operation and management of the website, including operation case analysis and other training materials.

(2) give priority to the professional webmaster tool experience opportunities provided by baidu webmaster platform.

(3) the right to speak and communicate with BBS platform of baidu station.

(4) give priority to the quota of BBS, conference and other exchange activities held by baidu station master platform and share with other practitioners

Experience grows.

(5) enjoy the right to receive feedback channels of the question.

(6) the information warning mechanism of garbage is obtained to remind the rectification opportunities.

(7) Suggestions and Suggestions can be made to the stationmaster platform for better service of members.

(8) members who have contributed to BBS can get honorary title of station master platform or material and resource award.

Chapter iii operation principle of Internet industry website

Article 7 by reasonable and normative way to optimize the site, follow the rules of search engine, with reference to the baidu search engine optimization guide’s advice, make a website on search engines to get good collection, sorting, and show.

Article 8 the ultimate goal of obtaining traffic from the search engine is to constantly improve the core value of the site, improve the conversion rate, and make the conversion rate the most important measure of the effect.

Article 9 the user’s trust in the website is the basis for the user to conduct activities on the website. It is of great importance to manage and strengthen the brand of the website and enhance the trust of the website.

Chapter iv implementation of the convention

Article 10 baidu station platform is responsible for organizing the implementation of this convention, the benefit of the maintenance members, to carry out specific implementation content, Internet industry website operation convention and supervise members abide by the situation of this convention.

Article 11 members of the convention shall fully respect and conscientiously fulfill their commitments and principles of operation of this convention.

Article 12. If a member of the convention violates this convention, any other member shall have the right to report to the executing agency of the convention through the complaint channel and request the executing agency of the convention to conduct the investigation; The implementation agencies of the convention may also conduct investigations directly and publish the findings to all members.

Article 13 members of the convention violates this convention, have a negative effect, is verified, the actuator according to different situation to give warning by convention or punishment, punishment measures including but not limited to, site drop right, cancellation of adsense platform membership, cheating in the public web site list, etc.

Chapter v supplementary provisions

Article 14 if the self-discipline provisions agreed herein are adjusted, the provisions of this convention shall be promulgated and implemented in the annex to this convention.

Article 15 the right to final interpretation of this convention shall be owned by baidu.

Article 16. This convention shall enter into force as of the date of promulgation.

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