Baidu “lightning algorithm”

Content of the announcement

In early October 2017, the “lightning algorithm” will be launched, and the first load time of mobile search page will affect the search ranking. The first screen of mobile web will be opened in 2 seconds. In the mobile search, the page will be evaluated and the flow rate will be tilted. At the same time, a page that loads very slowly (3 seconds or more) on the mobile search page will be suppressed.

The point reading

1. The significance of the lightning algorithm

The baidu user experience department research shows that the page load time that users expect and can accept is within 3 seconds. If the page is too slow to load, users will lose patience and choose to leave, which is a big loss for users and webmasters. “Lightning algorithm” not only embodies the baidu mobile search for the page loading speed determination to pay more attention to, also reflected the baidu mobile search hope the webmaster can stand in the Angle of win-win and user web site optimization.

Open it in 2 seconds or 2 seconds

The lightning algorithm is clear for the first time, the first screen of the mobile web will be opened in 2 seconds, and the promotion page will be improved by mobile search. At the same time, a page that loads very slowly (3 seconds or more) on the mobile search page will be suppressed. The first screen loads the page within 2~3 seconds, the page evaluation does not rise.

3. Technical advice

1) the “lightning algorithm” is mainly aimed at the loading time of the first screen, so it is recommended that the network bandwidth be left to the first screen request to meet the loading speed and user experience under different network conditions.

2) “lightning algorithm” is an important part of baidu mobile friendly standard, page browsing experience, resources, or function of the ease of use, the page is in line with the mobile terminal adapter, etc., all affect the satisfaction degree of the mobile user experience. Therefore, it is also a reminder for the webmaster to build a website to optimize the mobile user experience.

3) use the general acceleration scheme (such as MIP, AMP) to accelerate the overall web page. For example, using MIP can increase the loading speed of web pages by 30% ~ 80%, and the acceleration of some test sites can be increased to 85%, realizing the instantaneous arrival of web pages.

According to baidu’s total network speed data, the first page load time of non-mip pages is about 3200 ms, while the homepage of MIP technology has a load time of about 1640 milliseconds.

In addition, the MIP page is marked with a blue lightning icon in the search results page, which is also distinguished from the general mobile page in user experience.

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