Baidu mobile APP promotion 【Free Download】

Baidu mobile games, is baidu mobile game based products to provide customers with entertainment services platform, in the aggregate 91 mobile phone assistant, baidu baidu assistant, the android market popularity, hundred degrees games such as distribution of resources, with baidu search, video phone, Hao123, baidu baidu, baidu post bar, pocket buses, 91 mobile entertainment portal, android network, 18183, and other important into the mouth, on the basis of formation of “search engine + app store + media community” multicore distribution pattern.

Through thousands of mobile game development at home and abroad traders, distributors, good cooperation, bearing from single to online games, from the movement, the leisure to strategy, CARDS, etc. All types of mobile play operation and promotion, is aimed at the first time to provide users with the most wonderful palm entertainment services.

Analysys, a think-tank, published “the first quarter of 2014, China mobile game operation platform monitoring report shows that baidu mobile game users covering the share was 28.7%, and the APP and dynamic number up to 32.0908 million times a day, two core index both in the industry first, become the mobile game market distribution and acting operation in the most competitive players.

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