Baidu mobile SEM management 【Free Download】

For any company, SEO and SEM will be an important means of gaining users on the Internet. As with other channels, SEM has a certain degree of precision, significant effect and controllable cost. This is a unique way to get high accuracy.” This is an interpretation of search engine marketing by Avanish Kaushik, a well-known expert in digital marketing.

But now many of the small and medium-sized business owners are all in the search marketing, because of the lack of experience and professional guidance, so easy to channel the company suddenly, eventually lead to promote the effect not beautiful, even let the promotion cost is gone. So we can often hear friends from around the world complain that search marketing “doesn’t work” and “cheaters” are “too expensive”.

But the search media has been growing in China for more than a decade, and while the mobile advantage is not as obvious as the PC era, it still plays an important role in the whole marketing segment. Is the search marketing effect not good, or as a business you, did not have the heart to study it?

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