Baidu Move the sitemap protocol mobile type upgrade announcement

In order to better conform to the trend of The Times, improve the handling of the mobile site, baidu and the communication between the webmaster smooth, baidu technical department for the PC mobile way has carried on the conceptual specification, respectively the mainstream way of three mobile PC station is summarized as: jump adapter, code, adaptation and adaptive.
Accordingly, the mobile type tagging in mobile sitemap protocol has been updated and updated by baidu stationmaster platform, which has modified the annotation mode of the adaptive page and added the annotation mode of the code fitting page. Mobile type of mobile sitemap protocol is now labeled as follows:
New old note
The jump fit for mobile mobile is unchanged
Code matching htmladapt
Old and new will be in parallel for a while
Adaptive PC, mobile autoadapt new and old will be in parallel for a while
We hope that you can use the new mobile type annotation to submit the data as soon as possible so as to better cooperate with baidu

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