Baidu PC page, H5 page jump adaptation optimal scheme

Given mobile wave surge and the glaring popularity of H5 page, baidu on the PC with the H5 pages jump adaptation ways introduced the optimal scheme: in the PC version of the page, add links to corresponding mobile site special rel = “alternate” tag, which helps to find baidu website where the mobile version of the web page; At the same time on the mobile page, add a link to the corresponding PC version of the url rel=”canonical” tag.

Such as:

The PC version of the web site:

Mobile version of the web site:

The comments in this example are as follows:

In the PC version of the web site (, add:

< link rel = “alternate” media = “only screen and (Max – width: 640 px)” href = “” >

In the mobile version of the web site (, the comments should be:

< link rel = “canonical” href = “” >

Stressed: before Meta tags (mobile agent) will continue to use, but we recommend HTMAL5 language to make the mobile page using the latest scheme to fit, jump in other languages such as XML jump mobile page adapter, need to continue to use before way of Meta tags – < Meta name = “mobile – agent” content = “format = [WML | | XHTML HTML 5]; Url = url “>

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