Baidu Search for keyword query tool

1. Functional details: what is the search term, the popular key words and their display quantity, click-throughs, click-through rates, web links, for example?

Search keywords, popular keywords: user input when search query search keywords, keywords for your website refers to a user query in the search results show your website TOP keywords number;

Display quantity: the number of times your site is displayed in search results when a user queries a keyword.

Click: the number of times a user clicks into your site under a certain keyword;

Click rate: the ratio of the above clicks to the display quantity;

For example, the user chooses to click on the link of your website for example, and select the link to the page of TOP3.

What can I do with the search query tool?

Use keywords query tool helps webmasters query the source of the site’s TOP 10 popular keywords, as well as number of TOP keywords in the search results, click on your website under each keyword the clicks, the number of clicks/show the clickthrough rate, and web links for example is given.

For example, in the top 10 keywords click rate is low, can see whether the title set or the search results page displays space optimization, to optimize focus and increase website traffic, brought by the top 10 keywords for site operation to provide important reference.

Again like, you can check the web link, for example, see under a certain keywords, the user clicks the TOP3 web links, user under a certain keywords about the page like and vote, TOP3 of web links sample bring operation optimization guidance.

Iii. How to use search query tool?

Search keyword query _ webmaster tool _ baidu stationmaster platform

The first step is to register and login baidu station platform

The second step, submit site and verify ownership, specific visible documentation

Step 3: choose the left “site management”

Step 4: select the site you want to query in the list of sites that have been authenticated.

Step 5: select “search query” on the left

Step 6, get the data from the site search query

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