baidu shang bridge frequently asked questions 【Free Download】

What is baidu shang bridge?

Baidu business bridge is a business communication tool, against baidu users and baidu promotion, respectively blockbuster launch VIP version of the business version of bridge, bridge and standard to provide the network marketing “into a single key link” all the required services.

After the client installer bridge, just add a piece of code on the website, you can obtain the netizen: “access to the site, browse the web, the intention of business judgment, visitors to capture business opportunities, create online communication, into a single record and effect analysis, the optimization Suggestions” all the data and solutions.

At present, there is a mobile version of the merchant bridge to support the communication with visitors anytime and anywhere, checking messages and website data.

Baidu mobile search and promotion jointly launched commercial bridge mobile consulting, mobile promotion results embedded business bridge button, a step closer to mobile users, and more mobile traffic transformation.

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