Baidu Site index query tool

1. Site index tool introduction

1. What is the index of the site

The number of pages in a site that can be used as a search candidate is a site’s index number.

The site content page needs to be captured by the search engine and filtered by the search engine before it can be displayed to the user in the search results. The page is filtered through the system and is used as a search candidate result, that is, indexing.

2. Site index query tool

The index measure query tool of the stationmaster platform can more accurate and authoritative query to your site index, to provide the reference for you to optimize the website. I recommend it this way. Index quantity tools support directory level and the index of the subdomains query, query, and custom time interval provide the website with the intensification of the index data reference, convenient webmasters depth understand the website’s performance in baidu web search function in detail.

Second, look at the steps of the site index

The first step is to register and login baidu station platform

The second step is to submit the website and verify the attribution, and verify that the site’s attribution method can be used to help documents

Step 3: choose the left “site management”

Step 4: select the site you want to query in the list of sites that have been authenticated.

Step 5: select “site index query” on the left

Step 6, get the data of the site index query

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