Baidu stationmaster platform about SEO advice

Baidu stationmaster platform about SEO advice

Search engine Optimization (SearchEngine Optimization, or SEO), refers to in order to gain more free traffic from search engines, structure, content from a website construction scheme, the user interaction transmission Angle of reasonable planning, make the website more suitable for the behavior of the search engine retrieval principle.

SEO can help you better present high-quality content on your site to search engines, SEO and search engines, which are benign symbiosis.

Since its emergence around 1997, SEO has gradually divided into two kinds of SEO behaviors:

One category, known as “white hat SEO”, has been used to improve and standardise web design, making it more user-friendly for search engines and users, and getting more reasonable traffic from it.

Encourage and support the white hat SEO search engine, in order to help the site better for white hat SEO, we issued the baidu search engine optimization guide and advice in accordance with the guidelines to optimize the website, you can get a better effect.

2, another kind is called “black hat SEO”, this kind of SEO strategies for using and enlarge the search engine’s defect (in fact, there is no such thing as a perfect system) to get more visitors, and the more traffic, at the expense of the harm to the user experience, so, in the face of black hat SEO, search engine will pass some strategies to curb.

If your site USES some black hat SEO tactics, it will affect your site’s performance in the search engine, and it will even disappear from baidu.

SEO is an important and complex job, and hiring a regular white hat SEO consultant or SEO company can help better optimize your site. However, there are some unethical SEO cheat adsense will adopt some exaggerated propaganda, or the use of black hat SEO means getting traffic, eventually lead to optimize cannot achieve the desired effect and even have a negative impact because of the black hat SEO.

If you are preparing or hiring an SEO company, please note the following questions:

1. Check whether the other party has a stable success story;

2. Confirm that each other’s changes to your website follow the baidu search engine optimization guide.

3. Formulate measures to measure the results of SEO and facilitate the measurement of SEO effectiveness;

No one can guarantee that the site is ranked first in baidu search results.

SEO can help you better present high quality content in your site to search engines for more traffic, but no one can guarantee that your site will rank first.

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