Baidu Superchain cheat algorithm upgrade

Recently, our comprehensive data analysis of the problems, users and the general quality of the webmaster feedback feedback, will be on the baidu anti-cheating algorithm once again update and upgrade. This time the baidu system algorithm upgrade, the main object of the strike is the intention to manipulate the website in baidu search results to rank the behavior through the way of the super chain cheat. Among them are ACTS of deliberate manipulation of any links to your website or links derived from your website. Manipulation of these links may affect the quality of baidu search results to hurt the user experience, at the same time also hurt a lot of diligent construction site content webmaster interests, vicious circle, can lead to the development of the Internet ecological unhealthy, appear all sorts of exploitation master interest interest groups. We hope that this algorithm can be upgraded to two practical purposes: first, further reduce the harm of this behavior to the user experience; Secondly, maintain the good standing of the diligent station, so as to focus on the content construction of the website. The intentional manipulation of specific strikes includes but not limited to the following example:

Pay for or sell links that promote the weight of so-called websites;

Create a large number of unworthy web pages or cross-wheel chains established by the site;

Using a program machine in web2.0 and other sites to send a large number of links to your website;

Insert hidden links into high quality sites by scanning the site’s vulnerabilities;

Non-referrable exchange links, and so on

According to our own assessment and user survey, the algorithm updates will help improve 3% ~ 4% of the keyword search experience algorithm also reached a very high degree of accuracy, but it still does not rule out a few friendly fire, if you are sure that your website is error handling, please feedback by baidu webmaster complaint center. Although we can’t respond to each other, we will carefully analyze each online feedback and show the results to the next upgrade.

At the same time, we will have a further strategy for the behavior of super-chain cheating, so we can put more emphasis on adding quality content to the Internet. We will continue to fight against any attempt to manipulate search engine rankings, and maintain the user experience and most of the good webmaster benefits. Listen to the voice search users, increase the communication with the webmaster, such as the large amount of business links, black chain in the webmaster feedback behavior, we will in the next one to two months out further recognition processing. We believe that as long as persistent to provide users with high-quality content, before make any decision, as long as you want to know do good for visitors rather than to simply for search engines, will surely get the favour of the user. Finally, thanks to the user and the stationmaster friend who gave us feedback.

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