Beijing entry and exit documents can be used for WeChat payment

From October 20, all 79 entry and exit certificate of the whole city can be scanned by WeChat, and the payment of entry and exit documents will be charged for no more than 10 seconds.

Since October 20th, the Chinese mainland residents in the Beijing municipal public security bureau public security sub-bureau of exit and entry administration reception hall, 16 travel reception hall, and 62 to accept the point of entry and exit certificate police station to deal with entry and exit, the registration will print out a WeChat payment receipts qr code, the applicant may use WeChat scan function scan qr code to enter payment interface, according to the WeChat process operation can pay the registration fee.

Lin song of the bureau of entry and exit of the Beijing municipal public security bureau said that in the past, when the mainland residents handled the entry and exit documents, they needed to pay the fees, or cash payment, or credit card payment. Now, the mainland residents can apply for entry documents, only through the WeChat payment.

The WeChat payment option has also been added to the self-service all-in-one machine for each entry and exit reception in Beijing. After the applicant click WeChat pay, self-help all-in-one PC monitor will display the capture to expend qr code of the business, the applicant the use of mobile phones WeChat scan, can enter the payment interface to complete the payment.

During the commissioning period, more than 15,000 applicants paid for the entry and exit fees with WeChat scanning, according to Lin. After testing, the entire payment process is not more than 10 seconds in good network conditions. The applicant needs to pay the receipt for payment, but after using the WeChat scan code, go to the artificial toll window to collect.

According to the introduction, residents of the mainland will not transmit the personal information of citizens during the use of WeChat payment, and strictly prevent the leakage of private citizens’ privacy.

Need tips is that the qr code on the receipts are rather unique and timeliness of registration, only effective in handling the business day, after day or pay would be invalid automatically, please pay and code as soon as possible after the applicant has to handle the business. Because of the failure of the qr code to pay the payment in time, it is necessary to go to the charging window of the entry and exit reception of the business as soon as possible, so as to avoid affecting the documents.

Exit and entry administration of the Beijing municipal public security bureau director, said the next step of exit and entry administration will be paid by WeChat scan code capture to expend, on the basis of using the mobile terminal to expand new payment services, more convenient service, meet the people diverse needs.

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