Beijing’s delivery price “12 Rules”

Beijing express business enterprise “12 is not allowed”

According to the rules, express delivery business enterprises shall not have the following 12 behaviors:

(1) not to publicize service items and price of services in the eye-catching location of the business premises;

(2) selling goods at a price beyond the marked price and charging a fee that is not indicated;

(3) for the same commodity or service; Use two different pricing methods in the same premises; To attract customers at low prices and settle accounts at high prices;

(4) when carrying out the price promotion activities, the relevant promotional content, the additional conditions of the promotional commodity price and other relevant restrictions are not marked or ambiguous;

(5) develop price promotions, using a false or deceptive, misleading language, words, pictures, and the measuring unit price, the original fiction and fiction depreciate reason, false discount, induction of consumer spending;

(6) fabricating or walking up price information to bid up prices, driving commodity prices up too high;

(7) colluding with each other, manipulating market prices, and harming the legitimate rights and interests of other business enterprises or consumers;

(8) fabricating and disseminating price information to bid up prices and promote excessively high commodity prices;

(9) to achieve and implement a price monopoly agreement with a competitive Courier business enterprise;

(10) abusing dominant position of operating enterprises with market dominance, excluding and restricting price competition;

(11) to exclude competitors or monopolize the market, being dumped at below cost, disrupt the normal order of production and operation, damage the interests of the state or the lawful rights and interests of other business enterprises;

(12) other violations of price laws, regulations and regulations.

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