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Jd’s service prescription expires in Spring Festival 2019

Time limit for merchants to deliver goods during the Spring Festival on jd’s open platform Orders concluded between January 29, 2019 (December 24) 00:00:00 and February 11, 2019 (the seventh day of the first lunar month) 23:59:59 shall be delivered before February 15, 2019 (the eleventh day of the first lunar month). [note] in this […]

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The factors affecting the search weight of jd in 2019 are summarized!

Factors affecting the weight of commodities 1 the delivery Try to control the delivery time within 24 hours, high efficiency will bring great help; 2 payment terms Open a variety of payment methods, such as whether the goods support cash on delivery services; 3 distribution of goods on jd The merchant may enter the jingdong […]

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Jd has been approved as the first state-level pilot enterprise for the distribution of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Today, jd has been awarded the first state-level unmanned aerial vehicle logistics service, and the northwest regional administration of civil aviation has licensed the company to jingdong group. On the previous BBS in davos, Mr Liu said he would build tens of thousands of airports across the country, all of which could be delivered to […]

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Liu qiangdong: the Beijing logistics car is 100% replaced by electric car before the Spring Festival

On December 7th, jd logistics officially launched the “green box”, the first batch of 100,000 in the country. According to the strict test, “green box” 5 seconds molding packaging, single use cost compared to the cartons to save more than 30%, under normal circumstances can be recycled more than 20 times, after damage can also […]

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Jingdong logistics announced the introduction of thousands of new energy vehicles

On October 31, the company announced that it would introduce thousands of new energy vehicles in China, and in Beijing, Shanghai, chengdu, xi ‘an, shenyang and more than 10 other large and medium-sized cities. announced plans to form a new energy industry alliance to replace hundreds of thousands of vehicles within the system over […]

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Liu qiangdong continues to send benefits: jingdong kindergarten will open next year

Liu qiandong the fourth retail revolution

Liu put the interests of employees in the first place, in addition to improve treatment, also solve the actual demand, such as children go to school, as well the new headquarters is the relative lack of some, after all. Yesterday, announced a deal with renmin university, which has its affiliated primary schools, affiliated secondary […]

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“JD global JD. HK” preferred Brands

These brands are popular in the Jingdong, will be more easier to open a new store on JD.

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Jd shares are up 30 per cent over the next year

For investors, is more suitable for investment than alibaba, and the stock is likely to rise 30% in the coming year, according to an article in the U.S. financial media, barron’s, on Sunday. Barron’s thought, as a result of unnecessary worry, run lose alibaba jingdong shares from the beginning of August, but in fact, […]

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Realized from the appearance of the whole flow of unmanned storehouse warehousing, storage, packaging, sorting the whole process, the whole system of the intelligent and kind, is a landmark for the whole logistics field.   The robot corps has the strongest rally of the field to show smart new heights The appearance of jingdong no […]

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Does cancel part of the 7-day return or return it with malicious returns?

A few days ago, have said the media articles have users find, jingdong is quietly down seven days without reason return range of proprietary products, the most obvious is the headset, the website has the corresponding display, and the customer, the user as long as don’t buy even without opening the support returns. According to […]

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