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Quality guarantee deposit For special brands on Jingdong Globle

万宝龙(MONTBLANC) 杜嘉·班纳(Dolce & Gabbana) 阿玛尼(ARMANI) 香奈儿(CHANEL) 迈克.科尔斯(MICHAEL KORS) 缪缪(MIU MIU) 普拉达(PRADA) 爱马仕(HERMES) 巴利(BALLY) 高田贤三(KENZO) 菲拉格慕(Ferragamo) 古驰(GUCCI) 宝缇嘉(BOTTEGA VENETA) 蒙口(MONCLER) 迪奥(DIOR) 巴宝莉(BURBBERY) 范思哲(VERSACE) 纪梵希(GIVENCHY) 芬迪(FENDI) 路易·威登(Louis Vuitton) 雨果博斯(HUGO BOSS) 周仰杰(JIMMY CHOO) 蔻驰(COACH)   30000 USD for each brand.

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Fees for opening a online store on Jingdong Global in 2017

Liu qiandong the fourth retail revolution

一级分类 二级分类 三级分类 费率 平台使用费(美金/年) 保证金(美金) Main category 2nd tier category 3rd tier category Comission (%) Platform service fee (USD/Year) Quality guarantee deposit (USD) 家用电器(Household Electrical Appliances) 大 家 电(Major Appliances)/厨卫大电(Kitchen/Bathroom Large Electronics)/厨房小电(Kitchen/Bathroom Small Electronics)/生活电器(Life Appliances) 2.00% 1000 15000 个护健康(Personal & Health Care) 剃须刀(Razor) 2.00% 其他(others) 3.00% 五金家装(Hardware & Home Improvement) 4.00% 手机(Mobile) 2.00% 1000 […]

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How to sell on JingDong Global?How much to open a store on JingDong?

Liu qiandong the fourth retail revolution, Inc. (Chinese: 京东商城; pinyin: Jīngdōng Shāngchéng), also known as Jingdong and formerly called 360buy, is a Chinese e-commerce company headquartered in Beijing. (The holding company of the group was incorporated in Cayman Islands) It is one of the two largest B2C online retailers in China by transaction volume and revenue, a member of the […]

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“JD global JD. HK” preferred Brands

These brands are popular in the Jingdong, will be more easier to open a new store on JD.

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