China People’s Daily: a maximum of 2 million fines can be imposed

“Double 11” approaches, many people are ready to open “buy and buy” mode, the consumption war is explosive. According to statistics, by the end of last year, China had 731 million Internet users and 467 million online shoppers. Online shopping is also facing new problems as it stimulates consumption potential and facilitates consumers.

Online shopping, online negotiations, online transactions, and online transactions are not met. Buyers can only rely on product description, customer evaluation, sales volume and other information to decide whether to purchase or not. Some bad vendors to move up the “crooked brains”, by employing “brush hand”, in order to record, the credit of the trading of false form and earn good reputation, manufacturing sales lead, high quality, reputable, cheat consumer. Low cost, low cost, high yield, “brush single fire letter” has become the industry’s open secret.

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Brush, essentially belongs to the commercial fraud, is deprived of the right to know of consumer to business reputation and commodity quality, damage consumer interests, more damaged electric commercial credit evaluation mechanism, disturb the order of market competition. If it is allowed to take advantage of the opportunistic, the honest operator will suffer, resulting in a “crisis of confidence” in the network economy, and the consequences of “bad money driving out good money” are obvious. But because “brush sheet” operation concealment, process online, division of division of labor, identification difficulty big reason, have not been able to manage effectively.

In the face of new situation and new problems, we need a good law. October 31, anti-unfair competition law (revised draft) three editors make clear a regulation, an operator shall not for evaluation of product quality, sales, the user makes a false or misleading business promotion; It is not allowed to help other operators to make false or misleading commercial publicity by organizing false transactions or other means. Otherwise, serious offenders can be fined up to two million yuan.

Compared with the current anti-unfair competition law, the specific content of the false propaganda of merchants is detailed, more targeted, and the punishment intensity is increased. Believing this to be a “brush up” behavior will have a greater deterrent effect.

There is a law to consider how the law lands. Public security, industry and commerce, Internet departments can join together to form a more rigorous regulatory system. Using network data analysis advantages, explore tax regulation, quality regulation and the way of combining network regulation of hair brush single agency, empty single express company, brush a single software, etc., whole process supervision. In addition, we will improve the credit history of e-commerce, put businesses on the blacklist, and even ban the industry from entering the industry. On October 31st, the “credit China” website released the first batch of 500 enterprises in the “serious breach of trust enterprises in e-commerce”, which was a good start.

It is worth noting that, for the time being, the legislation is mostly aimed at the operator, and how to punish the “brush hands” is relatively vague and requires further exploration.

“There is no faith, no faith.” The market economy pays attention to the integrity management, the fair competition, “brushing the letter” violates the basic market principle, the social morality, long this will pollute the social atmosphere. Therefore, perfecting the legislation, strengthening law enforcement, and putting together the “brush single fire letter” person wearing gold hoop, is conducive to purifying the online shopping environment and building a fair market order.

The malicious brush list, personal information leak, fake and inferior, the rapid development of the network economy new problems. With the rule of law is the escort market fairness, social morality, extrusion “brush single letter” is a new space, create a law-abiding integrity of the network environment, electronic commerce development prospects will be even more.

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