Do you know how to do Baidu site inner links?

The importance of internal links, many SEO friends now know. The bigger the site, the more emphasis is placed on the layout of the internal link structure. Because the good internal link structure can guide the transfer of weight value, improve the inclusion, and improve the internal page ranking.

But now we’re not saying how the overall internal link structure is laid out. In the body of the text of Mr. Xue’s article, some of the key words involved, how you deploy internal links, are linked to what pages.

One of the things I often find is that the key words in the wrong articles are:

For the key words that appear in the article, the address of the link is the front page, which adds a number of keywords to the homepage.

I feel that the keyword link in the body of the article points to the home page, which is not significant. This was very popular in the early days of SEO. At that time, people liked to leave a few key words at the bottom, and then the key words were linked to the home page.

I feel that I can do it on the inside page except for the homepage. It’s better to use the inside page than the home page. And if I do, I think it’s the same thing: > special page >, >, >, page. Here, I mentioned the internal page type, and some websites are more than just these pages.

But the key words in the text, I think we should understand the text from a semantic point of view, and then manually make some internal page links pointing. This SEO approach might work better. Of course, large sites can’t link to articles by hand.

Why do I say the inside page does the body of the body keyword link pointing to good. This is because the correlation between internal pages and text keywords is more relevant. So the value of this point is also greater.

And the body of the text should not just select the fixed key words to make links to specific pages. You should also choose semantic phrases to do keyword links, even if the phrase does not contain keywords, but it is clearly the same as the semantic meaning of the keyword link page.

Now a lot of CMS programs or blog programs have keyword internal links. A lot of SEO people are lazy, pick a few pages, select the keywords, and generate them in bulk. The inner chain is very rough and very formatted. I don’t think it works. If your site is small, I suggest you look at the body of the article and find out which words you can find within your site to link to, and then do it manually.

Search engine algorithms are important for web page correlation, and the more relevant pages are, the easier it is to rank. Therefore, the website should be structured around relevance. This is also one of the most fundamental principles of website structure planning.

The layout of the chain structure in the website is also a place to reflect the technical foundation or SEO level of an SEO person.

In addition, I believe everyone knows the key words of the article. Just try not to repeat multiple links to one page.

Ok, let me show you another example of the inner chain. Search for some entries and see the internal chain of baidu encyclopedia. Or look at wikipedia.

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