Does cancel part of the 7-day return or return it with malicious returns?

A few days ago, have said the media articles have users find, jingdong is quietly down seven days without reason return range of proprietary products, the most obvious is the headset, the website has the corresponding display, and the customer, the user as long as don’t buy even without opening the support returns.

According to the understanding, on March 15, 2014, the new consumer rights and interests protection law was officially implemented, except for special goods, goods purchased online should be returned within 7 days from the date of arrival. On February 13, 2014, the state administration for industry and commerce promulgated the “administrative measures for online trading”, and consumers’ “right to regret” online shopping will be supported by both legal and departmental regulations. A 7-day return is a good experience, but it’s used by someone with ulterior motives.

Previously, there was media “ceng” use “7 days without reason return” ceng clothing, there are consumers using the rules to create a fraud to obtain huge profits, a small-scale operations, and 3 c products are more because of its characteristics to be the return of the hardest-hit areas.

The media said many netizens had given the title of “second-hand east”, and they may have been hurt too. After all, they were also victims. In addition, the media, said jingdong gradually narrow the scope of the seven days have no reason to return, or associated with manufacturers complain, a lot of return seriously affect the interests of manufacturers, if so, the next will continue to expand.

Before this, jingdong has proprietary graphics, which does not support for seven days no reason to return, because some users to use the loophole, buy a video card to dig and then choose to return within the prescribed time, now headphones also USES the new rules, should also for this reason.

Prior to this, jingdong had a rule that seven major categories of merchandise would be returned for no reason. The seven categories of goods that do not support seven days of unreasoning returns are:

1) personal custom products;

2) fresh and perishable commodities;

3) online download or your unsealed audio and video products, computer software and other digital products;

4) clothing shoes and hats have been washed;

5) diamonds, gold, watches, jewelry and personal accessories;

6) food, health products, personal care products, personal products, cosmetics, virtual goods;

7) products delivered to newspapers and periodicals;

8) there is no guarantee that the returned goods are in good condition;

9) luxury goods;

10) other commodities that are not suitable for return according to the nature of the commodity, which are not suitable for return and replacement when you purchase;

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