Donga glue Tmall super brand day 32 minutes sold out of custom gift boxes

On December 22, the 10th donga rubber winter festival, the synchronized landing of the online “donga Tmall super brand day”. Inheritance in 3000 old brand company, combined with day cat medicine platform, network of red’s live online, custom gift box starting, ejiao offline tasting way, such as comprehensive present “winter solstice supplements eat donkey-hide gelatin” tradition, arouse the national collective memory of traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health, brand refresh attract younger users at the same time, also greatly activate the nourishing health needs.
According to the data, donga gel launched Tmall super brand day, with sales of 1 million yuan in the first 2 minutes, and 1222 jade tonic gift boxes sold out in 32 minutes. 9 hours, has exceeded “6.18 to promote” full-day sales volume. On the same day, the company an average of 1.4 seconds to sell a box of peach blossom kyi, every 1 minute to sell 3 box of film, fan shop number compared with double 11, growth of 686%, nearly 8 became the new buyers, new potential customers more than 146, ten thousand.
200g 200g glue (left one: donga glue President qin yufeng; Left 4: ali health director, Tmall pharmaceutical health division general manager kang kai)
Tmall super day, donga brand “double 11” for the war
Behind the Tmall super brand day number, it is the merchants and Tmall and ali healthy young people who have been “preparing for war” since the beginning of the year. Through the brand SKU, logistics customer service ability and supply chain optimization, donga glue has weathered the challenge of its own brand “double 11”.
Products that adapt to market demand are also hot sellers. In the day the cat quickly disappear medical platform operating over 4 years of the company, with the help of a day cat sell SKU consumer feedback, combined with the back-end data stores to 240 g o company film detonation product iterative upgrade, the peach blossom kyi glue can be nourishing snack cakes, as well as to take the compound glue mucilage, glue paste, such as new product lines, constantly meet user requirements, the fast development of the brand in the day the cat medical platform.
The data of explosive growth is also inseparable from the new tools and new methods of donga glue. In 2017, the company began by means of the ali mama tools, such as “dharma dish” data management platform, analysis of consumer behavior, interests, preferences, geographical location, and many other user data, allows the company to quickly identify areas targeted, precise marketing.
In 2017, the IP boom is heating up, and when the TV series, like yi chuan, is broadcast, donga gum combines it with Tmall super brand day. Meanwhile, the Tmall first set of Tmall first set jade tonic gift box, custom AR interaction, and video of tang, song, Ming and qing, also attracted a lot of fans attention.
Super brand day tasting site map
In order to let the user perception of the brand service, December 18, the company also held in Shanghai super brand, tasting, show Tmall user present way of edible gelatin, boil donkey-hide gelatin, teach everyone with different mould, customized shape of donkey-hide gelatin. Renowned Chinese medicine professor gu ren-yue and professor zhou-duan have also worked with VIP guests to develop personalized paste.
The picture shows the customized Tmall logo glue
The Tmall super brand, wonderful research institute, also on the forms of creativity, respect traditional brand, will the company soaked lentils, donkey-hide gelatin made of glass, add after edible pigment, create warm hut, to set on a bowl of the mini company. With more interesting video way to communicate with consumers, make the traditional brand younger.
New products, marketing, content, data, multi-dimensional joint Tmall
The company has a total of 120 domestic offline store, but before new offline store, in addition to examining city GDP, total social consumption, housing situation, urban rail transit and other factors, also added two indicators: day cat online sales and membership data dimension.
And with the aid of alliance with ali health launched pioneer o2o offline pharmacy cooperation, the company also began to try to buy on line and offline new retail pharmacy through free gel, enhance the user experience, all channels to service consumers.
With the Internet + and the spread, experience and interaction of Tmall and ali health, donga has accumulated over 1 million online members and realized a new O2O development model.
Company said: “the future will continue to cooperate with Tmall, ali health, through online data and the membership system, in the new product, marketing, content innovation, and data value enhancement in various fields such depth” hand in hand. Power is Tmall globalization, hatching new industry pattern, rebuilding the value chain, the company will also be using Tmall out to sea, covering overseas Chinese markets, send the goods abroad, achieve win-win situation.

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