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The launch of huawei’s Mate10 in Shanghai has attracted the world’s attention with the Chinese mobile phone company’s annual flagship phone launch. A few years ago, it was apple and samsung. But now, for the first time, huawei has surpassed apple in sales, and continues to hold its high position. A few years ago, the Chinese mobile echelon was acting as the export of factories and services. But now, the world’s top six handset makers, with four Chinese brands, are making a shiny new business card.

In fact, huawei has already stood at the top of the world’s telecoms equipment industry, and to its surprise, it has spent five years morphing into a powerhouse in the field of mobile phone manufacturing. Li dongsheng, chairman of TCL group, once pointed out that the dream of a strong country should start with “strong enterprises”. It is these Chinese companies that have been killed in the world’s top arenas that have made China’s manufacturing a deeper and more advanced breakthrough.

The evolution of huawei’s mobile phone has provided a fascinating realistic sample of China’s transformation of high-end manufacturing.

Sales surpassed apple for the first time

Huawei’s mobile phone has been upgraded

More than five years ago, when huawei’s consumer business CEO ChengDong shout the slogan of “more than samsung, apple,” to the “newborn calves” laugh it off, he also had a more than “big mouth” nickname. Now, however, no one is looking at huawei’s mobile phones, and huawei’s mobile phones have surpassed apple in sales.

At the Mate10 China conference, yu announced that huawei’s mobile phone global market share in the first three quarters was the second highest in the world, surpassing apple for the first time and continuing to be the first in the Chinese market.

Previous research firm Counterpoint has been keenly aware of the change, with data showing that huawei surpassed apple for the first time in global smartphone sales between June and July.

The company also released its report on huawei’s mobile phone in the first three quarters of this year: 1.12 million units shipped, with shipments up 19 percent year-on-year and revenue up 30 percent from a year earlier. “As you can see from the data, our revenue growth is higher than that of shipments, which means that we are doing better in the mid-to-high end market.” It is understood that the fastest growth in huawei’s handset shipments in the first three quarters was Europe, Japan and China, followed by Asia Pacific and the Middle East, and in the United States.

Despite the rapid market share, yu stressed that the market share of pure market share is not the direction huawei pursues. Huawei is more likely to outperform all its rivals in the high-end market, more innovative than any of its rivals, and it will take more than time to accomplish this difficult goal.

Artificial intelligence chip plus hold

Continue to move upmarket

A few days ago, huawei Mate10 was the first to launch in Germany, with the industry’s first AI chip being the focus. In AI, the global circuit, huawei is back in the front.

Huawei Mate10 USES its first artificial intelligence chip, the unicorn 970. According to introducing, kirin 970 adopts the integration of NPU unit (neural network) the new architecture, with fast connection, wisdom is power, hd audio and video, long-term life and other advantages, in a tiny chip that integrates 5.5 billion transistors. Huawei hopes that through this innovation, it will bring more possibilities for AI technology in the field of application, bringing unprecedented mobile phone artificial intelligence experience to consumers.

What is the new experience that artificial intelligence brings to Mate10? First of all, it is more intelligent to take a picture. In the process of shooting, it can identify 13 scenarios and adjust the parameters to avoid exposure and bias. The ability of mass information processing, such as smart screen function, based on your chat content, can push the information of movies, restaurants, etc. The other big selling point is the phone’s second computer, which can be connected with a single cable and projected onto the screen.

Of course, this is just an artificial intelligence on a mobile phone, a door has been opened. In yu’s view, the future of the smart phone can communicate directly with people, want to check the flight information, for example, just ask mobile phone, mobile phone can sense you want to do, it will remind you: the plane is late I give you change the flight!

The previous generation of Mate9 sold more than 10 million units in 11 months. Mr Yu said he hoped Mate10 would top 15 million units. “Our price is much lower than the iPhone X, and the cost is going up, but we have no markup.” Mate10 starts at $3,899 and the porsche version costs 8999 yuan.

Facing apple samsung

Huawei is a long-distance running company

In the eyes of the industry, Mate10 is apple’s iphone 10 and samsung Note8. In a live speech, yu said that in many technologies, it was a time to kill competing products.

When asked about the gap between huawei and apple over apple’s market share, yu also admitted that there was a gap between brand and ecology.

He said huawei’s success has been a long-term focus on r&d, service and customer-oriented results. “When I joined huawei 24 years ago, huawei was still a small company, but focused on research and development. Last year, huawei invested $11 billion in r&d. In addition, huawei’s culture emphasizes struggle and self-criticism. We are long distance running, not marketing braggadocio.

The rise of huawei’s mobile phone, which stands high today, is not a day’s work. After a brief period of good time in the 3G era, the xiaomi model of 2011 hit the “China cool lian” pattern. When the friends are still in the market, this is the time to start the transformation of mobile phones. Ren zhengfei, huawei’s chief executive, has asked huawei’s phones to make a shift in profit rather than scale. Mr. Yu, then the head of huawei’s terminal, was repeatedly knocked down by ren. In 2012, the company said it was the most difficult year of its transformation.

“The core we insist on is that quality is preferred, rather than being sold, to satisfy every consumer.” Huawei mobile phone product line, he told the Beijing morning paper reporter regrets, coming every little bit difficult, Mate7 P6 until 2013 and 2013 two star success, huawei, finally make a breakthrough in the high-end market, after each generation of flagship of the mobile phone is critical. When many of the same ACTS are profitable, huawei’s mobile phones have been on a profit-driven track. Today’s huawei phone calls out “not to the extreme”, as Mate10 shows innovation and practical perfect integration, playing its own rhythm.

Huawei’s role model is competing with reality, allowing more Chinese mobile phone brands to start selling their products in a restless mood. Now, in the top six of the global mobile phone list, in addition to samsung and apple, it is the Chinese face — huawei, OPPO, xiaomi, vivo.

Global influence has climbed

The take-off engine is a huge r&d investment

Author Zhang Lihua think huawei, huawei mobile terminal the valuable experience of successful transformation are: positioning strategy unified thought, overwhelming resources to ensure that the investment is better than the competition first; First of all, especially the leading talents who are good at fighting. Aiming at the most profitable medium and high end to adhere to the quality strategy; Strive to build core competitiveness by rapidly introducing industry professionals to quickly convert short boards into long boards…

In the industry’s view, the fundamental reason for the mobile phone’s standing is that huawei is willing to invest.

On October 18, 2011, ren zhengfei said: “huawei should significantly increase its r&d and brand investment in mobile phone terminals, and surpass competitors in budget and input at least.”

Actually not only on the handset, huawei has so far invested 313 billion yuan to research innovation, and established the 36 in the global joint innovation center, 16 r&d center, accumulative total 62519 patents authorized, through years of accumulation, huawei has become the world’s largest international patent application. In 2016, huawei invested 76.4 billion yuan in research and development, accounting for 14.6 percent of its r&d investment. “We’re investing in the future, seeing what we can’t see is investing.” “Yu said.

Of course, huawei has its “quality as life” quality and “consumer centric” innovation philosophy behind it. Innovation and change are two powerful tools that huawei continues to grow and thrive.

As the business grows globally, huawei’s brand influence has also rocketed. Huawei has risen to 70th in the list of the world’s most valuable brands by Interbrand, the international brand consultancy, in 2017. On the fortune 500 list, huawei was ranked 83rd in total revenue of $78.5 billion, making it one of the world’s top 100 companies for the first time. And on the roe list, ranked first in Chinese companies.

Mr. Ren founded huawei in a residential building in 1987, and today huawei has 180,000 employees worldwide. In 2013, huawei overtook Ericsson as the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker. Can huawei still create more miracles in the mobile phone industry? It remains to be seen if huawei needs time to continue to grow.

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