In 2017, the top 100 B2B industries in China: 27 new and 27 companies have fallen out of the top 100

It is reported, by the China electronic commerce association branch of B2B industry to provide strategic guidance, ningbo via letter committee, ningbo business committee, jointly organized by ningbo port DaSiBan, ningbo yinzhou district government, toby net undertakes the 4th China B2B e-commerce assembly and the 1st peak BBS Internet industry of ningbo awarded “2017 China top B2B industry”, the China electronic commerce association branch secretary-general ning-bo liu as the top ten alibaba B2B industry B2B, OuYeYun, hc360, Shanghai steel group, he, looking for steel wire mesh, ZhongNongWang, TongXin city built group, zhongshang huimin, mesh awarded MEDALS.
2017 Chinese B2B industry top 100
It is understood that the “China B2B top 100” is entrusted by the B2B industry branch of the Chinese e-commerce association, which is set up by the toby network research team. The three dimensions are considered in terms of enterprise news data, enterprise revenue +GMV data, enterprise website traffic data, enterprise listing + financing data, and online voting data. The five dimensions account for different weights, which are calculated by scientific algorithm. Since 2016, the top 100 has been released twice in principle, taking into account the market for B2B.
“The list is after the first B2B industry top 2015 fifth list”, ning-bo liu said, “in 2017, is the key to the development of industry the Internet for a year, the focus of the traditional industrial chain players such as manufacturers, brands, distributors, terminal stores, and services, B2B platform, all stand in the perspective of the traditional industry of the Internet, trying to get through the supply chain upstream and downstream, improve efficiency of the industrial chain, to help industrial transformation and upgrading of the Internet. The list of the top 100 tries to choose public, quantifiable and comparable data to keep the data objective and impartial. From the results, it basically covers various types of B2B model enterprises, the data sources are relatively scientific and the algorithm is more rigorous, which is worthy of industry reference.
From the top 10 companies in the list, alibaba B2B,, Shanghai steel association, yiyatong, and steel network have not had a big position change. As an important leader in the reform of the central government this year, the European metallurgical industry has risen to second place with the strength of its hard work. On June 28, 2017, the drow group was officially settled on the acquisition of With the excellent resources of zhuohr group, China agricultural network developed rapidly and entered the top ten and ranked seventh. Also built into the top ten and net group, because of the unique trading model, especially its jinding business makes the offline payment closed loop, in the building under the supply chain financial bonuses of natural building materials industry, from last year’s list of sixteen to 10th; But ke tongxin city and the Chinese businessman huimin maintain the top 10 position with the overall strength of the platform.
Before more than ten strong competition is intense, more in the first half of this year’s top list (released in the second session of “China’s Internet + FMCG” peak BBS, the fourth list), the list with a total of 27 new enterprise list, 27 companies dropped out. The list of new enterprises and the ranking are as follows:

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