Increase conversion rate by 20%

There is no doubt about the effect on our conversion rate.
Many merchants have already set out to ask everyone, from the position of asking people’s position can see taobao to ask people how much attention, there are many buyers are like to click to view here.
And here, once our product has a defect that has a bad answer, it shows the impact of the difference. So let’s take a look at how people should be maintained.
“Ask everyone” sort rules:
1. Grade of the number
Similar to the evaluation system, the higher your taobao account, the more opportunities will be displayed.
2. Positive number (response times)
If taobao pushes you to ask people, you respond positively, and the response frequency is high. Your answers will be displayed first, and the questions will be put on top. On the contrary, if you don’t answer a few times on taobao, you won’t be able to ask questions after taobao.
Ask everyone to play like this! Increase conversion rate by 20%
3. Attention to reply. Include: thumb up number + interactive + text word + I also want to ask. This is a good understanding that the more you have, the more likely you are to have a top.
Ask everyone to play like this! Increase conversion rate by 20%
4. Question response time
Ask everyone new questions and new responses will be prioritized. (original author of this article: huo hall e-commerce, please retain)
How to maintain?
1, research
Can see first peer race shop, competing goods ask everyone, to study their peers in advance before 5, 10, and their customers ask ask everyone 】 【 the most popular problem, with the evaluation of words, there are some of their products.
2. Sorting out problems
Some item for their stores, as well as the system recommended, sorting out the suitable for their own item businessman wanted to be the problem of “selling point”, may be the problem of bad review layout well in advance.
3. Answer questions
In the first wave of sales, go ahead and ask questions and prepare for the answer, so the question behind is that the layout has been successful in helping you increase your conversion rate by 30%.
Merchants pay attention to whether the system has been invited to answer at any time (main number thousands of cattle alerts or hand tao App login number day cat master – my taobao – interaction – ask everyone – I invite my), must be a positive answer! Get back to the point!
4. Topical problems
In the question, choose the quality target question and answer to thumb up, comment and “I want to ask” top quality question, to ensure that the user sees the first time.
Questions can be interesting. Ask questions that interest you and give interesting answers. It will attract consumers to browse, increase access depth, and enhance interaction with consumers.
5. Continuous optimization (original author of this article: huo hall e-commerce, please keep)
Using our circle of customers, we have to ask you. Reward 5 to 10 yuan for a good content reward. It can be directed to fun + fun.
Reasonable arrangement of questions, how many times a day is reasonable for an account? Some people say infinite times, that is wrong, taobao is not stupid to let a person unlimited question. Although you can ask unlimited questions, taobao will not push your questions to buyers.
How to arrange the number of questions, usually morning, noon, afternoon and evening, and then find several accounts to answer the question, which is a good solution.
Malicious questions or comments
1. Always use your hand at the APP (login any wangwang can) to see the “ask everyone” content of the main push baby. There is advertisement, false content merchant to make a complaint or report (here must log on Tmall host number)! You can also let friends report together, have successful cases, but not necessarily successful. Just be careful, don’t get it wrong, don’t go to thumb up.
2. Call a malicious customer and ask him to answer 10 questions each day. We usually give $10 and ask him to respond to a few good ones, and you can push down the difference.
Ask everyone and evaluate the same, be the place that displays product, do good ask everybody is equal to a small detail. It also needs to find ways to optimize the product, and if the product itself is not sufficient, it will be difficult to maintain the order volume in the later period. When there is no bad review, try to make the layout as early as possible to guide the buyers to optimize continuously.

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