Instructions on the question of baidu snapshot

baidu snapshot

For a long time, some webmasters baidu snapshot update time on some misunderstanding, think that the weight of a snapshot of the update time and site status, there is a certain relationship, the more frequently the snapshot update, the higher the weight of web site, on the contrary, the lower.

In fact, the update frequency and weight of the site snapshot do not have any direct relationship with the weight.

Why does the baidu snapshot update?

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that the frequency of scraping and the update frequency of a snapshot are two completely different concepts.

Each site baidu included, was baiduspider will according to its website content update frequency is examined for new pages, usually, baiduspider crawl frequency can produce new content and website speed, usually said update, is refers to the baiduspider fetching of web content.

Each new crawl or checked the web page, we can according to its important degree and its timeliness value to create indexes at different speed, commonly referred to as a snapshot update time is refers to the index, some updates page, often have important we will create the index faster. If a web page is generally the value of the content of the text changes or not timely, will not necessarily be the value of search engine think there’s a quick update the index, even if baidu spiders to crawl the web content, the snapshot is not necessarily a quick update, but this does not mean that it is not important or baidu update slowly.

Why does snapshot time go backwards?

A snapshot of an important web page tends to hold multiple page snapshots in the search engine database, and these snapshots are not captured at the same time. In some extreme cases, the search engine system may choose to be different from the snapshot version in the current search results, resulting in a backsliding of the snapshot time. This does not have any impact on the site’s performance in the search engine, nor does it mean that search engines have done a good job of lowering the site.

In summary, there is a direct correlation between the update of the snapshot and whether there is an important new content in the page, and there is no direct correlation with the “weight” of the website itself or whether it is “K”. Adsense without so much attention to site a snapshot of the time, we suggest that the webmaster to concentrate in the construction of the content of the site, only experience, improve the content of the site value and retrieval can trusted by users and search engines.

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