Interpretation of the three-year action plan for industrial e-commerce development

Industry e-commerce is electronic commerce in circulation, production, service the whole process of deepening application, is an important engine of digitalization and networking, intelligent manufacturing, is one of the important fulcrum, transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry is an important way of promoting the manufacturing industry of old and new kinetic energy conversion. Formally a few days ago, the ministry of industry and information technology issued by the “industrial e-commerce development action plan for three years (hereinafter referred to as the” action plan “), the deployment of the next three years industrial e-commerce development, accelerate the innovation of industrial enterprises trading mode, management mode, organizational form and management system, and constantly inspire innovative manufacturing enterprises, the development potential and the transformation of the power, to promote manufacturing power and power network construction.

One, the background, industrial electronic commerce is information industry, products, services, resources, ability to conduct online transactions, a new type of economic activity throughout the research and development, design, procurement, production, sales, service, recycling, and other products whole life cycle link. Vigorously develop industrial e-commerce, will be conducive to the industrial business transaction and management pattern of online, networking and coordination, promote products for manufacturing process, the whole industry chain, the whole life cycle of information interaction and integration collaboration is beneficial to realize the personalized customization, networked collaborative and service-oriented manufacturing new production mode, is beneficial to build open, flat and platform of the organization and management mode. Vigorously develop e-commerce industry, is an important approach to deepen the reform of supply side structural, for the transformation of the pattern of economic development, leading the kinetic energy of old and new development and production system transformation, promote manufacturing by the big teams is of great significance. The key industrial enterprises in 2017, our country electronic commerce rate above 55%, bulk raw material, equipment, electronic information, consumer goods and other key industries accelerate emerge a number of levels billions and billions of well-known e-commerce platform, in promoting the traditional industry production, management and marketing model innovation achieved positive results. Facing a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution of the important period of strategic opportunities, for promoting the further development of e-commerce industry, give full play to the industry e-commerce in driving the whole process of change, the leading way of resources allocation, industrial organization form and regional development mode innovation, foster new economy the important role of kinetic energy, I wish to prepare the action plan.

Second, overall consideration the compilation of “action plan” to transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry in the new period of development needs and industrial innovation of e-commerce development as the starting point and the foothold, the key problem of fully considering the basic level and future development situation, put forward the next three years industry electronic commerce development the guiding ideology, development target, main operations and safeguard measures, made clear in the next three years industry electronic commerce development path. Specifically, the main idea of the plan of action is as follows: first, to stick to the problem orientation. Through the exploration and practice of recent years, industrial e-commerce is becoming more and more popular, and has made positive progress in stimulating market vitality, improving enterprise competitiveness and accelerating industrial chain reconstruction. But in general, the breadth and depth of application, platform service level, support service system and development environment need to be further strengthened. On the basis of in-depth analysis of existing problems and causes, the action plan puts forward the next major actions and safeguards. The second is to highlight the transformation of transformation. Closely around products, services, resources, and ability of online transactions and open sharing, “action plan” emphasizes the online integration development, electronic commerce based on industry vigorously develop new products, new patterns and new forms, promote the business innovation, promoting industrial enterprise transaction mode, management mode, organization form and management system reform, speed up the promotion industry efficient, flexible intelligent, open collaborative supply chain level, effectively promote regional industry cluster intensive, network and brand upgrade. Third, the key breakthrough. To deepen the industrial as the main line, to popularize and apply e-commerce to promote the industrial enterprise way to trade and business model of online, network and collaboration as breakthrough point, to develop advantage prominent, fully functional, ability to open industrial e-commerce platform as the key point, the plan of action, understanding of e-commerce in different industries, the main body, link way of diffusion regularity and fusion, clear industry e-commerce classified propulsion system, speed up the industrial e-commerce further development. Fourth, focus on ecological cultivation. “Action plan” from the perspective of global, to promote large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, the platform, logistics companies, financial institutions and other kinds of collaborative innovation and interactive development of the market main body, improve logistics, network, security, industrial electronic business support services, such as credit system, and improve the mechanism of systematic propulsion and systemized guiding policies, create a healthy, sincere, orderly and safe industry electronic commerce development environment, promote formation of complementary advantages, win-win cooperation and coordinated development of new industrial ecology.

3. The development target “plan of action” adopts the method of combining qualitative and quantitative objectives to propose the main objectives of the development of industrial e-commerce. In terms of qualitative targets, “action plan” clearly put forward to 2020, deepen industrial electronic commerce further popularization application, built a batch of resource enrichment, functional diversity, fine service industry e-commerce platform, industrial electronic commerce support service system constantly improve, further optimize the development environment, online fusion level gradually improve, form open, standard, integrity, security, industrial ecology e-commerce industry. In terms of quantitative objectives, by 2020, e-commerce purchases of above designated size industrial enterprises reached 9 trillion yuan, e-commerce sales reached 11 trillion yuan, key industries backbone enterprise e-commerce penetration rate reached 60%, become an important engine arouse the vigour of enterprise innovation.

Four, the main action “action plans” for government, large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, the platform, logistics companies, financial institutions, industry organization and other kinds of main body, surrounding industrial popularization application, e-commerce platform construction, regional transformation, support service system construction, environmental optimization, etc., deployed “big business industry electronic commerce development level action”, “key industry e-commerce platform to foster action” “small and medium-sized enterprises to promote the industry e-commerce action” “regional industrial e-commerce operations” “industry e-commerce support service system construction of action” of the five main action. The first is the development level of industrial e-commerce in large enterprises. The main contents include: improving the level of centralized procurement of large enterprises’ networks, forming a transparent, efficient and low-cost network centralized procurement system, and promoting efficient collaboration of the industrial chain; We will improve the level of network marketing of large enterprises, create a new marketing system integrating online and offline integration and production and marketing, and realize the personalized product service and business model innovation based on e-commerce. Support large enterprise e-commerce platform construction, encourage large enterprise network collect sales platform to transformation of third-party e-commerce platform, promote the development of entrepreneurial innovation elements concentration, support large enterprise electronic commerce platform in the supply chain financial services. Second, the development of e-commerce platforms in key industries. Main contents include: commodity e-commerce platform development mode innovation, promote platform from industry information platform to service trade, from trading services platform to the integrated services platform development; We will speed up the development of e-commerce platforms for equipment and electronic information industries, and guide the evolution of integrated services such as online trading and finance leasing from information interaction. We will improve the service level of e-commerce platforms for consumer goods, and develop new modes of production such as sales and distribution and customization. We will speed up the cultivation of cross-border industrial e-commerce platforms and establish an important channel for enterprises to expand overseas markets and accelerate brand cultivation. Third, the small and medium enterprises industrial e-commerce promotion action. Main contents include: to promote small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) way to trade and business model of the network, to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises based on third party industry to develop procurement and network marketing, e-commerce platform to promote their own changes in all aspects of the cultivation customization mode; Manufacturing capacity and resources to speed up the small and medium-sized enterprises open sharing, promote small and medium-sized enterprise manufacturing resources and e-commerce platform comprehensive docking, realize manufacturing capability of online publishing, synergy and transactions, support small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) and open “double gen” based on Internet platform, makes the manufacturing, marketing, logistics, such as the integration of the new ecological efficient coordination of production circulation. Fourth, the regional industrial e-commerce cultivation action. The main contents include: cultivating the new ecology of regional industries based on industrial e-commerce, and cultivating a batch of industrial e-commerce demonstration zones; Cultivating “e-commerce + characteristic industrial clusters” demonstration garden, support around the industrial cluster and regional characteristic industry and all kinds of professional market, cultivating and developing a number of e-commerce platform, encourage characteristic industrial cluster actively introduce domestic and foreign well-known industry e-commerce platform, accelerate the characteristic industrial cluster of old and new kinetic energy conversion. Fifth, the industrial e-commerce support service system construction action. Strengthen the logistics base of industrial e-commerce, support logistics enterprises to increase the informatization of logistics infrastructure and promote the construction of intelligent logistics information platform; We will improve the level of network infrastructure, continue to implement the “broadband China” strategy, build a new generation of information and communication infrastructure, and strengthen the r&d and comprehensive application of mobile Internet technologies. Improve the standard specification system of industrial electronic commerce, guide the healthy development of industrial electronic commerce; Improve the industry e-commerce credit and security system, the construction industry e-commerce market subject information database, to promote the digital certificate, the electronic contract, support for industrial electronic commerce network security protection, emergency and disaster preparedness system.

Five, safeguard measures to ensure the implementation of various tasks, in a careful study of the state council on deepening manufacturing and Internet integration development guidance of the state council on developing e-commerce to speed up cultivating the opinion of the new economy “and other relevant policies and fully absorbed, on the basis of the opinions about the effectiveness of the” action plan “to implement and operability, put forward to strengthen the organization safeguard, strengthen policy guide, perfect service system, to carry out the pilot demonstration and deepen the safeguards of the international cooperation in five aspects.

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