Jack ma wants a movie?


In September, the media reported photos of jack ma and li lianjie, donnie yen and wu jing in a movie set

Word of the movie spread online, and in the last few days ma mentioned that he recorded the theme song for a movie, many of them

People have already moved the bench to wait for ma to release the movie news.

In a chat with local college students in the Philippines, Mr. Ma said the 53-year-old wanted to achieve a dream he didn’t realize in his youth

Like singing, acting and drawing.

He also encourages young people to work hard to achieve those silly, crazy dreams when they are young.

“As an actor,” Mr. Ma didn’t just talk about it, but he did.

According to the lineup released from the poster, besides ma yun, yuan ping, hongjinbao and hongjinbao were involved in the film.

Cheng xiaodong, li lianjie, donnie yen, wu jing, zou shiming, chao qinglong, Tony jia, liu chengyu. It’s a very crowded place

A representative figure of several martial arts schools. It is reported that this film will meet with the audience during the double eleven.

It is understood that in the past, “kung fu 2” has entered the main stage of the audition in China, and Stephen chow has officially invited jack ma.

Jack ma and zhou xingchi have a “gentleman’s agreement”, when zhou xingchi and jack ma participated in the “tianma” dialogue,

They talked a lot and played tai chi on the same stage.

At the time, chow revealed that he had wanted to ask ma to participate in his movie. Ma half jokingly agreed, right

In his own physical appearance, ma also plays chow, not afraid to be messed up by me? Stephen chow responded with a generous response: “don’t worry, me

It’s a great role to play for you.”

So, is this film directed by Stephen chow? Unfortunately, the poster shows that the director is the article, and the supervisor is li

Even the jie.

With so many top action stars in the collection, and the star of the commercial giant jack ma, the movie is arguably the most expensive movie ever made

The super lineup.

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