Jd.com: the world’s first unmanned warehouse

Realized from the appearance of the whole flow of unmanned storehouse warehousing, storage, packaging, sorting the whole process, the whole system of the intelligent and kind, is a landmark for the whole logistics field.


The robot corps has the strongest rally of the field to show smart new heights

The appearance of jingdong no warehouse, located in jiading district, Shanghai warehouse buildings, belongs to Shanghai in Asia’s number one overall planning the third phase of the project, construction area of 40000 square meters, logistics center consists of receiving, storage, order picking, packing of four operating system, storage system consists of 8 groups of shuttle car made library system, and can store 60000 cases goods.

In cargo warehousing, packaging, jingdong unmanned warehouse is equipped with three different types of six axis mechanical arm, is applied to the inbound packing, sorting, picking, mixed stacking robot for package four scenarios.

In addition, in the sorting floor, jd.com introduced three different types of intelligent handling robots to perform tasks. Within the five scenarios, jingdong respectively using the 2 D visual recognition, 3 D visual identification, and composed of visual technology with infrared distance 2.5 D vision technology, for the intelligent robot installed “eyes” the machine active interaction with the environment.

In the future, jd.com will be able to handle more than 200, 000 orders on its daily processing orders after its unopened operation.

Smart device coverage 100% defused double 11 tidal orders

Earlier, jingdong was completed and put into production in 2014 Shanghai Asia is number one represents the highest level in the field of national wisdom logistics, warehouse management, control, sorting and distribution information system developed by jingdong and has independent intellectual property rights, the whole system by jingdong total integration, more than 90% have automated operation. After three years of practice and application, Shanghai Asia 1 has become a mainstay of jd.com’s logistics in east China, effectively relieving the pressure of 618 and double 11 orders.

The unmanned warehouse is a bold innovation in the intelligent warehousing of jd, with its automation and intelligent equipment coverage reaching 100%, which can deal with the business form of the flexible and changeable orders of e-commerce companies.

The completion of jingdong no warehouse, introduced the industry’s most advanced large-scale equipment at present, jingdong logistics division X based on powerful technical strength in the field of intelligent logistics software system for these equipment integration, seamlessly for the connection of the different hardware system, to ensure that the equipment can adapt to jingdong extremely complex business scenarios and the tidal fluctuations of orders.

In addition to introducing the most advanced large-scale equipment in the industry, the largest feature of jd.com is the large-scale, multi-scene application of robots. In the whole process of jingdong no warehouse, from the arrival of the goods to the pallet, used for package, sorting, and then to set package transportation, the application of a variety of different functions and features of robot, the robot can not only according to the system instruction processing orders, also can complete automatic collision avoidance, route optimization, etc.

The intelligent algorithm accurately recommends that the packaging materials do not waste 1cm of packaging material

Shanghai wisdom logistics project director, said jingdong unmanned warehouse integrates the visual inspection, automatic palletizing, automatic sorting, leading technology, such as consumables intelligent algorithm is recommended in the electricity business logistics industry was a breakthrough innovation.

Jingdong logistics is integrated into the concept of low-carbon energy saving in the planning of unmanned warehouse. It has applied the algorithm recommendation of packaging materials in the system, which can realize full automatic volume adaptive packaging. In simple terms, jingdong logistics warehouse inside the packaging, you need to use the different size of the carton, have the recommendation of the system and fully automatic packaging system, excessive packaging and carton damage problem has greatly reduced.

According to the data, China’s express industry consumes over 10 billion cartons a year. The intelligent consumables algorithm is recommended to ensure the accurate use of cartons, packaging bags and other packaging materials, so that each carton can play its value.

Previously, jingdong group chairman of the board and CEO liu (weibo) pointed out that, in the future, retail infrastructure will become extremely plastic, intelligence and coordination, promote the advent of the era of “unbounded retail”, the implementation cost, efficiency, upgrade experience. The appearance of jd.com’s unattended storehouse has just closed this point, leading to the improvement of logistics efficiency by bringing the dehumanization into the whole process operation scene of the warehouse center.

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