Jd has been approved as the first state-level pilot enterprise for the distribution of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Today, jd has been awarded the first state-level unmanned aerial vehicle logistics service, and the northwest regional administration of civil aviation has licensed the company to jingdong group.
On the previous BBS in davos, Mr Liu said he would build tens of thousands of airports across the country, all of which could be delivered to consumers within 24 hours. Jingdong group vice President, X group President XiaoJun introduced this layout, said “in the deployment of thousands of shipping freight aircraft and large logistics drones, tens of thousands of smart airport and terminal, and hundreds of thousands of terminal distribution unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), implement the national most county-level administrative regions and rural comprehensive coverage, let all the goods can be delivered within 24 hours anywhere in China.”
, he said, “in the province within the scope of the pilot uavs logistics distribution, will be for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) normalized operation and jingdong logistics system build wisdom play a key role, for the advent of the era of” unbounded retail “provide strong support.”
In May 2017, jingdong group signed jingdong global logistics headquarters with xi ‘an space base, jingdong unmanned systems industry center, jingdong cloud operations center cooperation agreements, plans to invest 20.5 billion yuan in five years. At the end of January, jd logistics announced its formal entry into the global Blockchain shipping Alliance.

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