Jingdong e-commerce is transforming from selling special products to selling appliances

Recently, jingdong group poverty alleviation channel officially launched trial operation today, and signed “swimming duck” and “flying pigeon” anti-poverty program in sihong county and fuping county respectively. Jingdong will change its e-commerce model of poverty alleviation, from helping the poor to sell agricultural and fresh products, to build factories and sell home appliance products.

“Only by selling agricultural products, farmers will not achieve a large increase in income. If agricultural production is not high this year, it will directly affect farmers’ income.” Jingdong poverty alleviation project director li ho, said in the past by selling poor agricultural way of poverty alleviation is narrower, and sustainability is not strong, cannot fundamentally help the rural poor out of poverty.

According to li, jingdong has tried to alleviate poverty through the appliance industry in some poverty-stricken areas, but the number is far from enough. In the future, jd.com will introduce manufacturing and design industries in poverty-stricken areas, focusing on the development of home and home appliances industry, thus realizing the transformation from low value-added to high value-added.

And from the point of the national electrical contractor poverty alleviation, by the end of last year, in the county and the following registration of rural electronic retailing has reached 811, promoting entrepreneurship and employment personnel more than 20 million people, rural retail sales network more than 800 billion yuan. In the first half of this year, the online retail sales of 832 national-level poverty-stricken counties were over 50 billion, up 60% year-on-year, and the excellent quality of e-business poverty reduction model was constantly confirmed.

Poverty relief office of the state council for international cooperation and social poverty alleviation of song day military analysis data at the scene said that since jingdong poverty alleviation by electricity, 2 million poor families by jingdong business, industry, labor poverty alleviation project benefit. Qu tianjun suggested that the e-commerce poverty alleviation should be “targeted to achieve targeted poverty alleviation”.

“It is not difficult for poverty alleviation, everyone can do, and most of the time just lift a finger. Electricity to hang the farmer’s products on the Internet, the residents of the city according to the life needs to buy, can slowly drive the poor out of poverty.” Qu tianjun mentioned that the e-business poverty alleviation is an important focus of targeted poverty alleviation.

In addition, the development of tourism is one of the future options for e-commerce. Li said that poor counties are more scenic areas, but because of their transportation and funding, the local tourism industry cannot achieve high quality development. Jingdong will cooperate with travel agencies that will be in poor areas of natural scenery combined with electricity, Internet, for poor counties to accommodation, resource consumption, driving the development of local economy, realize the poverty-stricken areas out of poverty.

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