Jingdong logistics announced the introduction of thousands of new energy vehicles

On October 31, the company announced that it would introduce thousands of new energy vehicles in China, and in Beijing, Shanghai, chengdu, xi ‘an, shenyang and more than 10 other large and medium-sized cities.

Jd.com announced plans to form a new energy industry alliance to replace hundreds of thousands of vehicles within the system over the next five years.

Jingdong logistics, said in 2013, it puts forward the application of new energy vehicles in the field of logistics, and with the several large manufacturers to develop new energy cars, now more than 30 different models in the end of the high-end distribution, distribution, urban transportation logistics links such as tested and put into operation.

Jingdong logistics, said the company in the warehousing, distribution process, new environmental protection materials innovation to carry on the long-term exploration and practice, such as in warehouse packing link launched a slimming tape, tape width by 53 mm down to 45 mm, reduce jingdong in 2016 at least 100 million meters of tape is used.

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