Liu qiandong: the fourth retail revolution will come to intelligent technology driven system optimization

Liu qiandong the fourth retail revolution

Jingdong group CEO liu in the magazine published a signed article “the fourth retail revolution”, the article mentioned, from retail history, facing the change today compared to the past and nothing special. For the retail industry, change is often the case. The next 10 to 20 years will see a fourth retail revolution in retail.

Mr Liu believes that retail’s nature remains the same, still cost, efficiency and experience. Much of the discussion today is still in the Internet age. The Internet in the past 20 years has been a “prelude” to the entire digital process of retailing. The Internet has changed the trading side, but it has little impact on the supply side. The next act of the digital process — the Internet of things and intelligence — will be even more profound and thorough. “In the smart age we are entering, the way to achieve cost, efficiency, and experience will be completely different. This is also the opportunity for future retail innovation and value fulfillment.” “Liu said.

The impact of consumption on retail business is obvious: urbanization has promoted the concentration of consumers and the concentration of purchasing power, which has contributed to the prosperity of department stores. In the context of increasing work pressure and quickening pace of life, consumers have raised higher demands on low prices and convenience, bringing the rise of chain stores. With the awakening of consumers’ self-service consciousness, the open-shelf sales model of supermarkets is welcomed.

In liu’s eyes, the technology can be the arrival of the era. “The upcoming Intelligent business the era have entrusted to our new ability to transform retail and retail infrastructure. Must want to emphasize is: are we talking about beyond the age of the Internet technology. The Internet can effectively link up with scattered customers, products, and consumption of scene, but it is difficult to achieve synergy. And smart business synergy is based on” three I “: on the basis of perception (Instrumented), Internet (Interconnected), smart (Intelligent).”

The perception (Instrumented) refers to the increasing ability of the intelligent technology to respond to the scene, finally enabling the scene to be digitized and to retain valuable data resources; Interconnection refers to the creation of data of different scenarios to maximize the sharing of data, thus creating higher collaborative value. Intelligent refers to the Intelligent level of the entire retail system.

The nature of future retail remains cost, efficiency and experience. But the way to create value and realize value is bound to change. Liu said, “in the upcoming fourth retail revolution, smart technology will drive the entire retail system of capital, goods and information flows continuously optimize, improve efficiency, reduce cost in the supply end, on the demand side” than you know you “, “random” everywhere “to see for a quick” experience to upgrade. The future retail infrastructure will become extremely intelligent, collaborative and plastic.”

“This is the retail future that sees.” “Liu said.

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