Liu qiangdong continues to send benefits: jingdong kindergarten will open next year

Liu put the interests of employees in the first place, in addition to improve treatment, also solve the actual demand, such as children go to school, as well the new headquarters is the relative lack of some, after all.

Yesterday, announced a deal with renmin university, which has its affiliated primary schools, affiliated secondary schools and kindergartens in the city, and all schools have been completed and enrolled in two years.

Jingdong announced again, now they kindergarten brand Etonkids reached cooperation with China, next year will be as well to establish a total area of about 2600 square meters, with international and bilingual class of jingdong kindergarten, is expected to have about 200 employees in the children to school.

It is reported, jingdong kindergarten with plastic runway, basin, large toys play ground, children’s play area, reading fort, such as facilities, will also adopt independent research and development of face recognition system will be monitored throughout the 360 °, ensure the safety of children.

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