Mofcom: four measures to promote the development of rural e-commerce

Recently released by the central “file” number one mentioned to promote rural electricity development, including speeding up establishing and perfecting the standard system adapt to the development of the agricultural electricity, support agricultural electric business platform and construction of rural electricity service site, in-depth implementation of e-commerce into the rural comprehensive demonstration of backbone networks, improve the circulation of agricultural products, and many other aspects. Commerce ministry spokesman Sun Jiwen today (9) routine briefing at the ministry of commerce, said in 2017, the ministry of commerce will jointly with relevant departments, take measures from four aspects, promoting rural e-commerce development.

The first is to promote the construction of rural e-commerce public service system, sun said. We will carry out a comprehensive demonstration of e-commerce in rural areas. To support the construction and information transformation of the county e-commerce public service center and the village level e-commerce service site. Support for establishing perfect county, township and village levels logistics distribution mechanism, between the villages and towns and rural areas to solve the “first one kilometer” and “the last kilometer” logistics bottleneck problems, make products “from” and “have to”. We will strengthen the cultivation of rural e-business talents and cultivate market players.

Second, we will improve the level of e-commerce development in rural areas. Strengthen agricultural products classification and grading, packaging, cold chain logistics, warehousing and distribution, such as infrastructure construction, and control, traceability, brand cultivation and other service offerings, to promote agricultural products sales through online channels. Carry out agribusiness interconnection, and promote the electric business enterprise cooperation with agricultural production and processing enterprises, relying on online electric business platform, integration of offline storage, agricultural products processing, distribution resources, a new supply chain of agricultural products. At the same time, promote the e-commerce of rural industrial products, tourism and service products, and foster a batch of e-commerce strong counties and special e-commerce villages and towns to build a new driving force and new engine for rural economic development.

Third, we will deepen e-commerce targeted poverty alleviation. We will increase the support of the comprehensive demonstration work to poor areas, and tilt to the national poverty-stricken counties when expanding their support. To carry out “the activities of experts from e-commerce” and organize relevant experts to conduct on-site guidance in poverty-stricken areas. In view of the weak development environment of rural e-commerce and the rich characteristics of potential products, the in-depth cooperation between large e-commerce enterprises and poverty-stricken counties is promoted, and the mechanism of establishing marketization is explored.

Fourth, strengthen the experience summary and promotion. This year, we will hold a national rural e-business meeting to comprehensively summarize the progress of rural e-commerce in the past three years, and promote good experience and practices everywhere. Revision at the same time, rural electricity “service specification” and “work instruction”, issued by the series of rural electricity sets of typical cases and training organization for demonstration county, head of the government, strengthening regional exchanges of experience.

“In addition, we will conduct a ‘physical examination’ in the demonstration county, through performance evaluation, help demonstration counties to identify problems, improve their working level, and form a healthy and sustainable development situation.” “Sun said.

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