Mr Ma’s stake in alibaba fell to 7 per cent

Mr Ma's stake in alibaba fell to 7 per cent

Alibaba group has submitted 20-f documents to the SEC. Alibaba group chairman jack ma has a 7 percent stake, the documents show. In addition, in April, ali joined ant financial in an investment of $400 million.

As of June 9, 2017, Mr. Ma held 178,272,449 shares, a 7% stake, according to the filing. CAI chongxin, executive vice chairman of alibaba group, holds 65,144,622 shares, with a 2.5% stake. Ali management held a total of 270,369,948 shares, with a 10.6% stake.

The document also shows that softbank currently holds 746,998,571 shares of alibaba group, with 29.2 percent holding, the largest shareholder in alibaba group. Yahoo owns 383,565,416 shares, with a 15 per cent stake, making it the second largest shareholder.

According to the 20-f document submitted by alibaba group last year, as of May 20, 2016, ma and tsai had a 7.8 percent stake and 3.2 percent respectively, while alibaba group management held a 12.5 percent stake. Softbank and yahoo had 32 per cent and 15.4 per cent respectively.

In addition, the file also revealed in April this year, alibaba group joint ant gold suit to hungry to invest $400 million, including alibaba paid $288 million, the ant gold paid $112 million. The alibaba group is currently holding a 23% stake in the company.

Earlier, in April 2016, alibaba joint ant gold suit to hungry to invest $1.25 billion, among them, the alibaba to spend $900 million m, the ant gold suit to spend $350 million m, transactions completed in August the same year.

In may, bloomberg reported that people familiar with the matter said that alibaba and its ant financial services had been hungry for at least $1 billion in new funding. By the end of the financing, the market value would be $55-6 billion. However, when it was hungry, the company said it had no comment on market rumors.

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