Q2 China mobile Internet market quarterly data release research report 【Free Download】

The report summary

This report calculates the size of Q2 China mobile Internet market in 2017, which includes mobile games, mobile shopping, mobile marketing and sharing bicycles. The report also calculates the number of smartphones and shipments of China’s smartphones in 2017.



I. the size of China mobile Internet market in 2017

Ii. Q2 China hardware scale

The chart directory

Figure 1-1. Q1-2017 Q2 China mobile Internet overall market scale

Figure 1-2 2016Q1-2017Q2 China mobile Internet subdivision industry structure proportion

FIG. 1-3 2016Q1-2017Q2 China Internet mobile shopping market scale

Figure 1-4 2016Q1-2017Q2 China Internet mobile marketing market scale

Fig.1-5 2015Q2-2017Q2 China Internet mobile game market scale

Figure 1-6 2016q3-2017q2 China mobile Internet sharing cycle industry market scale

Figure 2-1 2015q3-2017q2 China smartphone shipments

Figure 2-2 2015q3-2017q2 China smartphone ownership

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