Research report of China logistics technology industry in 2017 【Free Download】

The report summary

The logistics industry in China is in the process of rapid development and the demand side is stable, but the operation quality needs to be improved. To this end, the government has issued a number of policies to improve the efficiency of the development of the technology, and to encourage scientific and technological means to improve the space of optimization, and the development of science and technology and the addition of capital. This study by analyzing technology in transport logistics warehouse with application and development of each section of the status quo, to market the logistics to the latest development of science and technology, and provide reference for its further in-depth analysis.


Reported in this paper,

Background: it is urgent to reduce this effect

1.1 development overview

1.2 transformation and upgrading

Current situation: innovation and technology drive logistics upgrade

2.1 development history of China’s logistics technology industry

2.2 schematic diagram of Chinese logistics technology application

2.3 the industrial chain map of China’s logistics technology industry

2.4 development status | typical market size

2.5 development status | typical enterprise user volume comparison

2.6 development status | application | transport

2.7 development status | application | storage

2.8 development status | application | distribution

Case: business practice of intelligent logistics

3.1 a full shipment

3.2 rookie network

3.3 jd logistics

3.4 sf express

3.5 hummingbird delivery

Outlook: new opportunities and new journey

4.1 trend and outlook | population

4.2 trend and prospect | technology

4.3 trend and outlook | business

4.4 trend and prospect | society

The chart directory

Figure 1-1. Total social logistics and growth rate of China in 2010-2016

Figure 1-2 total cost of Chinese social logistics and its ratio to GDP in 2010-2016

Figure 1-3 ratio of total cost of social logistics to GDP in major countries in 2016

Figure 1-4 the total cost of social logistics in China is divided by structure in 2016

Figure 1-5 the total cost of social logistics in the us is divided by structure in 2016

Figure 1-6 2014-2016 China’s population age structure

Figure 1-7 the average real wage index of emerging G20 countries from 2006 to 2015

FIG. 1-8 the total amount of goods transported between China and the United States in 2016 is divided by means of transportation

Figure 1-9 2011-2015 supply and demand of high-quality logistics facilities in China

Figure 1-10. The amount and amount of investment and financing of global supply chain and logistics technology industry from 2002 to 2016

Figure 2-1 market size and growth rate of Chinese car matching platform in 2013-2018

Figure 2-2 2013-2018 China logistics industry smart equipment market size and growth rate

Figure 2-3 comparison of independent devices of typical logistics APP week (10,000 units) from July 31, 2017 to September 3, 2017

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