Suning tesco will send out the list of cities in 2017

Towards the end of the year, the end of the year. Published by Su Ningyi bought a set of 2017 interesting chop hand data, inventory of the year is the most expensive, most furthest pretend bility, distribution, package goods, such as largest netizen succession exclamation was poor limited the imagination.

Then, su ning released a wave of data, originally, 90’s parents are true online shoppers, purchasing power easily over 90. Not only do parents have more money than they have, but they can buy it more than they can.

Suning released the annual big data: apple’s people are all guanyin

According to the data, in the user’s shopping terminal selection, the PC and WAP end of the users were the largest in the 70 post, and the trend of the transfer from PC to the APP side was obvious after 80, with the largest proportion in the post-90s APP. Apple, xiaomi, glory, huawei, samsung are among the top five brands of end-products used by users shopping, and apple is the most powerful. So, maybe people who use apples are guanyin?

It is worth noting that in the middle-aged and elderly consumers in suning, the proportion of retirees in the age of 49 to 59 is 91%, and most of them are post-90s and post-80s parents with strong purchasing power. According to the data, their monthly per-capita purchases of goods reached 13, with monthly costs of more than 1,000 +, more than young people “chopping hands”.

In addition, according to the data, as of now, the per-capita consumption of the users of suning in 2017 is 7419 yuan. Get out of your bookkeeping book, and see if you’re holding back, or are you holding back?

Suning released the annual big data: apple’s people are all guanyin

Male users accounted for 43 per cent of online shoppers and 57 per cent of women. There are also differences between men and women in product preferences. Mobile phones, computer peripherals, and razors are among the top three products for men, while beauty care, clothing and shoes, and food and oil are more popular with women.

In 2017, the top three cities for shopping in suning are nanjing, Beijing and Shanghai. In terms of the distribution of purchasing members in different age groups, the most popular cities for young buyers are Shanghai, with the largest number of elderly buyers in Harbin. The largest number of female buyers are shijiazhuang, with the largest number of male users in guangzhou.

At the same time, shijiazhuang has become the top-selling city of alcoholic products. Nanjing, the city with the highest snack sales, looks like the people of nanjing have been exposed.

North and the south, of course, also have differences in product preferences, January each year, August, October, the air purifier sales of the highest in the north, and every year in January, October, November, southern people are crazy to buy Johns.

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