Suning’s purchase of fan zhijun: 7 million couriers are related to the success or failure of smart retail

Retail trends change, make the industry generally believe that “the future is online and from the combination of modern logistics and retail battlefield”, which makes online fusion O2O enterprise value to further highlight.

At the end of the 818 fever festival, suning’s online and offline growth was substantial, and the completion rate reached 96.5 percent on the day of logistics, which was also praised by the industry. China central television has repeatedly reported on the news of the heroic rescue of the small brother of suning logistics, the wedding of more than 50 express trucks, and the delivery of drones. The group has been watched by the industry.

China has become a global Courier country, with five delivery companies listed. With more than 7 million couriers in the country, the express delivery industry has increased by over 50% in the past six years, becoming one of the important drivers of the new economy.

Nearly 10 years the rise of electric business did drive the rapid development of express delivery industry, but with the rapid development of electricity industry, more from the contribution of every Courier, they bear the electricity the important role of “the last kilometer” distribution.

However, as the end workers of the industry, the couriers are in the rain, the work is heavy and full of risks, many couriers and even basic benefits are not guaranteed.

“China’s e-commerce, by seven million express brothers, comes with its own tricycles and scooters and vans. To be exact, this is a very respectable industry, a respectable one.” “Without the last kilometer of service, suning won’t be able to succeed,” said fan zhijun, vice President of suning. The construction of the Courier team is the cornerstone of the successful transformation of the company, and all the express staff are the most honorable people in suning’s team.

As smart retailing becomes an industry trend, fan said that even if online and offline integration, retail nature has not changed, experience and efficiency are the lifeline businesses must keep. The couriers are the link between consumers and merchants, so that the package can be delivered to the customer quickly, which will give the customer a good consumption experience, and the couriers are the most important ones. “Our more than 7 million couriers determine the depth of smart retail and the success or failure of smart retail.”

To promote the logistics industry as a whole optimization, Su Ningyi purchase will be held in August 28, the first China Courier, launched within the scope of the whole society “Courier care plan”, we will effectively protect and safeguard the rights and interests of Courier, promote the express industry influence. The “couriers day”, in addition to showing respect for their society, also gives the industry status and benefits.

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