The seven elements of taobao shop’s success

I believe that every taobao seller wants to achieve their own success before making taobao, but they have no choice but to look at others for success and happiness. Never mind, small make up for each of the seller to collect 7 point taobao successful seller feels very important factor, let everybody study reference.


Mentality, whether it’s taobao or any other job, is very important. It’s not so important to prepare for the first time. It’s better to say that a later mindset is the key to success, and even if you’re ready to do it, you’re not going to be good enough and you’ll fail. Opening a taobao shop is like riding a roller coaster. It often happens that if you don’t have a hard attitude, when you are overwhelmed, your confidence will be easily hit. How can your taobao be successful?

2, characteristic

Although taobao now has numerous stores, the distinctive features are only a small part. Want your taobao shop in many similar stores stand out, then set up distinct characteristics, from the name to the commodity, characteristic unifies, written content don’t copy, be sure to express to convince buyers to purchase with prominent; There are additional preferential information that is attractive enough to attract buyers.

3, choose products

Good selection is the first step to success. The choice of product is right, and the demand for the buyer has been met with the buyer’s basic approval. It’s best to avoid products that sell better because it will have a serious homogenization effect on taobao, and there is no competition. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the market demand. According to the differences of each stage, we should adjust the style of the products and integrate into our own innovative ideas.

4, the promotion of

No matter the choice, no more accurate, no promotion, it will not show, there is no traffic and transformation, so the product promotion cannot stop. Free promotional activities is taobao, want to know what activities give you the traffic is not a month or two you can achieve, then there is the old customer, can hold up their hearts, but can help you to do promotion for free; The three paid promotion tools, such as direct train, taobao, and diamond exhibition, can also bring you good promotion results, but only if you can play, or you can only burn money without effect.

5, quality

The quality of the products is an important factor to decide whether taobao can succeed, because even if you are attracted to the buyer to buy, but the quality of the products don’t pass, have a lot of bad review, so the road behind you will have a big impact. Remember the description of the product to be realistic, don’t blow the hype, be an honest seller.

6, customer service,

The customer is god, this sentence is broken, but also true. The customer service should be familiar with the products first, not only to answer the customer’s doubts, but also to make reasonable Suggestions to facilitate the order when necessary. Customer service should be patient, attentive and warm-hearted, so that customers can have a satisfying experience. We also need to make regular visits to reassure buyers and other skills.

7, insist on

Finally, there must be a persistent heart. It also said that taobao is ups and downs, if not adhere to the heart, when confidence hit, then your taobao shop is not bottom go to, before hard were wasted, success is impossible. Therefore, to successfully run taobao shop, no matter how hard it is, stick to it.

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