The simplest effective WeChat group suction method, small white novice can also!

How do I join the WeChat group?

Use WeChat Lucky Money, this is the most true method, send a red envelope in the group, remark note: hope to pull you into a group! You into a

Group swaps, typically we go into an industry, we have a bunch of small groups, so we can swap them. If you really don’t have a group to change, cough! Cough! Can go to a treasure to buy! Everybody knows that.

So if you do this for a month, you’ll find that the number of groups is increasing not 1 + 1, but double! That is now known as fission, group fission.

The following is how to absorb powder in the group, as long as follow the following steps, I have tested the value of the pure dry goods to a group, and 10 percent of the people will actively add my friends.

1. After entering the group, you can chat, ask early every day, ask questions later, and answer the questions of others. At the very least, let everyone know you.

Do this for a few days, find the right time, and observe when the group is more active. If you give me a red envelope, you can split it into 5 pieces and test your response.

Note: we don’t need to send too many copies, so we can make the group friends who don’t grab the red envelope full of expectation. This method is mainly to stimulate the group nerves and make a valuable foundation.

Then @ those who grabbed the red envelope, said: the handsome men who snatched the red packets came out to take a bubble!

At this time, they feel embarrassed, so several people will thank you.

3. Advance notice, say: after 2 minutes, I will send a bigger red envelope, how many people are in, I see how many red packets need to be prepared?

General situation, the original that few people would come out to echo the bubble, and sparked the others look forward to unceasingly, the sentiment will become active at this time, in order to avoid ice, you send 3 yuan 10 package this time. This group of people who sleep will be woken up by you.

This is the most critical step

You directly say in the group: do you want to think about the dry goods about “drainage”?

Maybe someone will ask you what you’re doing, and no one will ask. But you have to control the field, no matter how they say, two minutes apart, then:

If you want to hear some dry goods, how do I get 4,000 accurate users to add me in 20 days?

It’s almost the pain point of all the netter, and someone will respond to you, but you can’t come up and share it, or it’s too cheap, people won’t cherish it.

So, you have to exchange terms. Because you can’t collect money in a group, you’re going to have to pay the time for the group.

Then you can say lunch, dinner, a meeting… Time is up, about half an hour. I’ll share it again.

You can’t be tempted, no matter what the group demands or even entreat. It has to cost him time so that people will appreciate it and look forward to sharing.

If the current people do a lot, and you also think it’s a good chance, if wait 30 minutes may be someone, that you can shorten the time to 5-10 minutes, all in all to find a reason to tell them to wait for a while.

5. Start sharing

Send a $6.20 bag, this is the final test, and if the time is short, you can start sharing.

On sharing content, if you have 10 method, as long as you name the three methods is enough, after sharing the three methods, can add your friends, basic is added, there is no need to waste your method.

During the sharing session, you will be actively involved in your interaction with you, so that he will also pass you, at least 10 to 20 people.

After that, be sure to make a self-referrals and talk about your situation. It’s basically what interests you.

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