There are some great optimization techniques for website images

Make the network we all know, pictures of optimization, the processing is an indispensable part of our life, especially the high quality of image processing is a high technical problems, today we will share some pictures with SEO optimization techniques.

1. Problem analysis

Pictures of SEO optimization, we do need to attach importance to a lot of problems, optimization of image is very important, charmingly processing images ourselves looking at working, customers more satisfactory.

2. The name of the picture

When we were in the treatment of the images is named to the picture, but we don’t use a similar picture 1. The JPG, 2. JPG such meaningless picture named, the name of the picture to descriptive account. If there is no any words to describe a picture, so we want to find, in the search engine to search, so how can we find it, can be seen, the name of the picture is very important, if we use the picture picture naming descriptive information, also can strengthen the picture page of subject knowledge, if, we in the description of the computer of the page, in which a computer image effect, we can give this picture called: computer. JPG, and the computer in English is closely organ and the application of computer, we use a computer when the image file name, the computer is to strengthen the theme.

3. Establish a website

In practical application, we established for every image should be a separate page, in which we used pictures of channels, we will find that the number of images collected it very much, very much, but the traffic is also a lot of access, establish image page is very simple, actually we put the pictures in the website information is concentrated in the web images, at the time of establishing, each picture the title of the page to novel, simple, not repeat, exquisite and unique, and can add users’ comments, you can also open the comment function, etc., to maintain the novelty.

In short, when we in pictures of SEO optimization, is to pay attention to skills, for more pictures don’t placement, so when we want to apply is not seek, the above measures do not lose a good way, let’s appreciate, also is very good to find the location of the picture.

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