Tmall Global Fee Standards 1


Breakdown of Deposit and Fees: 


1、Security Deposit


Any Merchant that operates on Tmall Global must pay a security deposit. The security deposit is used to ensure that Merchants operate in accordance with the rules of Tmall Global, and to ensure that Merchants pay the penalties to Tmall Global and customers in accordance with the “Tmall Global Merchant Services Agreement” and other related rules and regulations when Merchants are in breach.


1)Unless otherwise specified, the security deposit is RMB 150,000;


2)For Merchants that sell products to two or more countries, the security deposit is RMB300,000;


3)For Merchants that sell “adult/ sexual wellness products”, the security deposit is RMB300,000;


4)For Merchants that sell “medical and health services”, the security deposit is RMB300,000;


5)For Merchants that sell “OTC drugs/medical appliances/birth control products”, the security deposit is RMB300,000;


6)For Merchants that sell “nutrition supplements/ dietary supplements”, the security deposit is RMB300,000;


7)For Merchants that sell “milk powder/baby food/nutrition supplements/snacks”, the security deposit is RMB300,000;

8)天猫国际经营类目“孕妇装/孕产妇用品/营养” 保证金为300,000人民币。

8)For Merchants that sell “maternity clothes/pregnancy & maternity products/nutrition supplements”, the security deposit is RMB300,000。


Where the security deposit has not been fully paid, if within fifteen (15) days of Tmall Globalissuing a reminder for payment, the security deposit remains unpaid or the balance has not been paid, Store Supervision will be imposed on the Merchant until the security deposit has been paid in full.


2、Annual Technical Service Fee


Merchants that operate on Tmall Global must pay an annual fee. The annual fee amount will take reference to A-level categories, and is divided into two price rates: RMB 30,000or RMB 60,000. Please refer to the “2017 Tmall Global Technical Service Fee Breakdown for Different Categories” for the corresponding annual rates and standards for different A-level categories.


3、Real-Time Deduction of Technical Service Fee


Merchants that operate on Tmall Global must pay a technical service fee in accordance with a certain percentage of its sales (including delivery costs). Please refer to “2017 Tmall GlobalTechnical Service Fee Breakdown for Different Categories” for Tmall Global’s different rates and standards for technical service fee of different categories of goods.

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