Tmall global Service specification for damage

Public date: March 31, 2017

Effective date: April 7, 2017

A, definitions,

1.1 damage worry-free service: refers to the consumers buy the Tmall international platform with “broken worry-free” service identification of the goods, merchants promise if the consumer is in when receiving exist outside the tank breakage and leakage powder (liquid) and at the time of receipt within 72 hours by “milk powder explosive/flat pot” “packing/goods damaged/stain” initiated “cargo damage has refused” rights to apply for, merchants is effective within 24 hours respond to consumer rights to apply for, and in the case of consumers to provide valid documents, do a refund with damaged goods corresponding to the amount of services. (including the freight paid by consumers and the import or export tax paid by consumers when they purchase the goods)

1.2 service identification of “damaged and secure” means:

Ii. Service failure:

1. The merchant shall perform “damaged secure service responsibility” but not in the consumer launch “milk powder explosive/flat pot” “packing/goods damaged/stain” had “visa cargo damage” on the cause of the refund application inside 24 hours after effective response or though response in 24 hours inside, refused to perform “easy broken” services, businesses should receive small 2 after intervention results in arrange refund for consumers, and each order pay 100 yuan of liquidated damages to the consumer, the breach of contract in the form of cash payments to consumers to buy the goods from taobao account.

2. Merchants to consumers pay the penalty due to breach of contract, which fails to perform or not perform on time “damaged worry-free” service behavior, no longer belongs to the “international regulations for the terms of service Tmall” in general violations against the complaints of the promise of jurisdiction.

3. The merchant shall bear the freight for the return of the returned goods.

Iii. Consumer instructions:

3.1 the conditions of the merchant’s promise to provide the service of “disrepair and security” are as follows:

3.1.1 the consumer purchases products with the service identification of “unsecured” service;

3.1.2 consumers from within 72 hours of receipt of by “milk powder explosive/flat pot” “packing/goods damaged/stain” initiated “cargo damage has refused” rights to apply for, and provide effective certificate.

Effective certificate refers to the credit rating, according to consumer need it from the date of receipt within 24 hours to provide one or more of the following valid documents (receipt time the logistics website shows receipt time shall prevail, without detailed receipt time, displayed in logistics website to sign for the day after the zero within 24 hours) :

(I) packaging pictures with a logistics sheet;

(2) the details of the damaged and leaking (liquid) products, including but not limited to the situation of damaged leakage (liquid), commodity pollution and commodity barcode information;

(3) a written and stamped certificate that the express company provides to prove that the goods have been damaged in the receipt of the receipt.

Note: all vouchers need to be uploaded to the original drawing, the content is true and valid, the voucher needs to be unaltered, undeleted and so on. Otherwise, it will be deemed invalid.

3.2 if the service is not performed or not performed on time due to the force majeure factors, the merchant shall not be responsible for the service failure or failure to perform the service in due time. “Force majeure” means unforeseeable, unavoidable and insurmountable objective conditions and other services to fulfill the objective conditions, including but not limited to national or regional air or ground traffic system control or interrupt (e.g., weather conditions, etc.), or communication system interference or malfunction, or the government behavior, the policy change by the competent department of postal services, war, earthquake, typhoon, flood, fire, fog, rain, and other similar events.

3.3 the consumers who deliberately use the service for profit shall have the right to cancel the eligibility of the service and affect the credit rating of their account.

The 24-hour response time of the special period of 3.4 pairs of 11/2/12 / Spring Festival may be extended in a timely manner, and the extended time will be consistent with the main transaction process in this period.

4. The path of consumer protection

4.1 consumers can through the “already buy baby” – “a refund/return” or “apply for after-sale” – select a refund reason “milk powder explosive/flat pot” “packing/goods damaged/stain” “damaged goods has denied” launch “easy broken” service application.

4.2 if merchants refused to perform “damaged worry-free” service, consumers can click in the launch of rights to apply for “application Tmall international customer service intervention” complaints, if small 2 judgement merchant fails to fulfill its “easy broken” service condition is true, will perform the liquidated damages compensation to consumers.

Five, the supplementary provisions

If there is any provision in this standard, it shall be executed according to the relevant content of this standard; No special provisions of this standard shall be implemented according to the Tmall international dispute handling code.

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