Tmall Globle2017 business renewal FAQ

What are the restrictions on the renewal of 2017?

1, service ability limit conditions: as of September 30, 2016, opening time 90 days or more, and nearly 90 days of 48 hours response rate and nearly 90 days refund end time ranking 10% at the end of the industry.

2. Restrictions on business ability: the monthly sales volume of the open shop for 180 days and above and for nearly six months has not reached RMB 10,000 as of September 30, 2016; Open shop 90 days and above and the online seller number is 0.

2. Where can I find out if I am qualified for renewal?

Please check the international operation index page of > Tmall.

The query link:

When is the latest application for renewal?

Tmall international will be in October 8, 2016 to open the service ability and business capability assessment by merchants to renew the entrance in 2017, December 19, 2016, 18 PM to complete the renewal application and relevant qualifications and certificates before submission. It is recommended that merchants submit applications for renewal as long as possible and arrange the time plan reasonably.

When will the annual fee and information be submitted at the latest? What are the risks of not being in time?

The payment of annual fee and the lock of the deposit shall be completed before 18:00 on December 26, 2016. The time to renew the payment is not in conflict with the approval of the qualification, and the merchants can consider the time plan of the two according to their own situation. If not timely pay the annual fee and deposit, or business is not in conformity with the requirements of qualification, or there are other situations that could satisfy the requirement of renewal, Tmall international will be in the regulatory shops and end on December 31, 2016.

5. What are the conditions of store qualification and brand qualification of the store flagship store?

Store qualification:

1. Company registration documents: business registration certificate/business license/business license/company registration certificate

2. Authorized representative declaration *

3. Identity document of authorized representative: identity card/passport/foreign license

4. Identity card of the store contact: identity card/passport/foreign driver’s license

5. Tax registration or latest issue of tax proof

6. Bank account opening certificate or bank statement

7. 35 trademark registration certificates (trademarks are registered overseas, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). The non-trademark holder shall provide the exclusive right of authorization issued by the trademark holder/right holder.

Brand qualification:

1. Certificate of authorization of first class brand.

2. Regular purchase voucher (no personal daigou vouchers, such as supermarket tickets).

The above conditions satisfy at least one item.

What are the requirements for brand qualification of the boutique?

1. Certificate of authorization of first class brand.

2. Formal purchase vouchers or formal cooperation contracts with suppliers, and retrograde level 2 (no personal daigou vouchers, such as supermarket tickets).

The above conditions must satisfy at least one item.

When will you renew the contract?

For the 2017 renewal (if any change, we will inform you a week in advance) from October 8, 2016, the renewal application will be completed before 18:00 on December 19, 2016.

8. What are the changes in the margin requirements when the renewals are renewed in 2017?

1) in addition to special instructions, the normal amount of deposit is 150,000 RMB;

2) the goods are sold to businesses in two or more countries with a margin of 300,000 RMB.

3) Tmall international business category “adult supplies/sex toys” with a deposit of 300,000 RMB;

4) Tmall international business category “medical and health services”, with a deposit of 300,000 RMB;

5) Tmall international business category “OTC drugs/medical equipment/family planning supplies”, with a deposit of 300,000 RMB;

6) Tmall international business category “health food/dietary supplement food” with a margin of 300,000 RMB;

7) Tmall international business category “milk powder/supplementary food/nutrition/snacks”, margin of rmb300,000;

8) Tmall international business category “maternity wear/maternal products/nutrition” deposit is 300,000 RMB.

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